Alliance/Alianza Business Center

Alliance/Alianza Grand Opening

Attend the grand opening for the Alliance/Alianza Business Assistance Center on Sat. June 12.
Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pools Now Open

Thornton’s outdoor pools, City Pool and Park Village, are now open. Follow the link to learn more.

Fireworks Illegal in Thornton

In Thornton you can’t possess, make,store, sell, handle, and use fireworks in the city limits.
Homeless Outreach facility

Homeless Outreach Team

Thornton is working regionally with partners to address homelessness and to prevent it.
Fireworks Illegal in Thornton
JUNE 2021
Thornton Community Connections
JUNE 2021
City Council Meeting - June 8
JUNE 2021
JUNE 2021
15JuneThornton City Council Planning SessionTraining Room or Zoom MeetingTue05:45 PM
15JuneDPAB MeetingZoom MeetingTue06:00 PM
15JuneDevelopment Permit and Appeals Board Zoom MeetingTue06:30 PM
16JuneLocal Licensing Authority MeetingZoom MeetingWed06:00 PM
17JuneArts in the ParksHarley Brown Amphitheater or Carpenter Park Field (pending Covid rules on this date)Thu05:30 PM