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​Active Adult Center Lunch Program

Lunch is served at noon, Monday through Friday at the Active Adult Center (AAC). Daily lunch fees for the meal program are $4.00 for residents and $4.50 for  non-residents. You may purchase a 10-punch lunch pass for $36.00/resident or $40.50/non-resident. The 10th punch is free! Special event meals may be slightly higher in fee and reservations limited to seniors. 

61 and under residents who are accompanied by a 62+ participant will be charged $5.25, and 61 & under non-residents will be charged $6.25 per meal. Grandchildren under the age of 12 will pay the same rate as 62+ patrons. 

​Reservations must be made by 4 p.m. the business day before you join us for lunch. Please call 303-255-7850 to make a reservation. If you have made a reservation and you are unable to attend, please call the front desk to cancel you reservation.

Special Event Lunches