About Thornton​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Thornton Mission Statement

Our mission as a community is to ensure the availability of a broad range of services using all available public and private resources. Thornton will provide for a high quality of life by being responsive to the physical and human requirements of its citizens through innovative leadership and planning.

Thornton Core Values​​​​​​​​​​

These core values were created by employees in 1998:

  • Employees hold the PUBLIC TRUST in high regard.

  • Employees provide excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE to the public, and within the city to other employees.

  • Employees treat PEOPLE with courtesy and respect.

  • Employees COMMUNICATE well with the public and each other.

  • Employees display a cooperative spirit of TEAMWORK.

About Thornton

Thornton is the 6th largest city in Colorado and about to become 5th largest. Thornton has a current population of just under 150,000 people and will likely grow to about 242,000 by 2065. Thornton has also become a destination for primary employers and regional retail has discovered Thornton as a successful base of operations. Builders and Developers have found Thornton to be a desired location for a variety of new housing opportunities. Thornton has a very diverse population with a wide range of socio-economic conditions for residents throughout the city. Thornton benefits from its proximity to downtown Denver, Denver International Airport, and the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and offers both established neighborhoods, and newer, affordable homes, creating a safe, sought-after, and active environment with a wide variety of municipal services. 

Thornton has aggressively pursued recreation programs with nearly 1,000 acres of land developed or designated for public parks. The numerous lighted tennis courts, athletic fields, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, recreation centers and gymnasiums offer recreation opportunities for people of all ages and activity levels. Thornton is also in the process of adding a new community center with an attached library as well as a nature library in another location. 

In 1952, developer Sam Hoffman bought 400 acres to build an affordable and self-sustaining community. Originally branded as "The City of Planned Progress," Hoffman named the city after then Governor Dan Thornton. The first three homes were completed in 1953, and GIs returning home from the Korean War were the first to move-in.

Today, Thornton continues moving forward in a responsible manner that strengthens Thornton's increasing footprint, and our responsiveness to growth with an ever-growing menu of city services and programs.

​Thornton Resources

The Community Connections division serves as a one-stop resource shop for those that call Thornton home.  English-Spanish bilingual team members inventory community-based programs offered by non-profits, the faith-based community, government organizations, and other partners so that we can best connect community members with the services they seek.  From helping our Thornton neighbors to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter, to linking them with social and mental health supports, we offer a tailored selection of programming to meet individual needs. We’re here for you and we’re just a call, click, or visit away.  Monday-Friday 8-5 call: 720-977-5800, visit: 9471 Dorothy Blvd., or 24/7 email: connections@thorntonco.gov.​​