"Our lives are like kaleidoscopes - continually changing with every new experience and with the people we meet."

                                                                                                                                                                     -DiAnne Cooper


The Amphitheater Project was initiated out of discussions with Thornton residents and visitors who had a desire to activate the space visually and embody the playful, creative community spirit of the city of Thornton. The Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council (TASHCO), commissioned a highly innovative, large-scale outdoor piece that would have a strong visual impact.

The Artist

DiAnne is a Thornton resident and began her career as a professional artist at the age of 17 when she was commissioned to paint a mural for the Spanish Royal Navy. After serving 11-years in the U.S. Navy, she completed her studies in film production and an internship with Oscar-winning documentary producer Donna Dewey.

To learn more about DiAnne and her work, please visit her website.  

Learn More about the Design

Cooper’s design for the amphitheater brings many individual kaleidoscopes together to create a vibrant carnival of beautiful colors and patterns - like the community itself. The main component is made of overlapping two-dimensional panels, which create a 3D illusion. The panels are made of durable museum quality, outdoor-specific materials. The design continues to the monochrome circles at the front of the stage and to the angled wall; each giving a subtle texture to draw the visitor into the environment. Anchored concrete spheres with a satin metallic pigment will provide a fanciful component; playing with the viewer's spatial perspective and sense of scale. At night, the kaleidoscope panels enhance the venue with cheerful color and patterns as the spheres metallic finish gently reflect the light of the stage and the night sky above.

Who Funded This Project?

 This project was made possible through the Adams County Open Space Fund. Money in this fund is generated from Adams County sales tax revenues and is directly distributed to qualifying jurisdictions for use in parks and opens space. $145,000 in funds is being used for improvements to the amphitheater in Margaret Carpenter Park and Open Space in the form of public art.

Who Chooses the Designs?

All public art design submissions are reviewed and chosen by members of the TASHCO Public Art Subcommittee. Board members score designs based on their artistic merit, creativity, and overall impact on the community. TASHCO members support and advocate for the arts and humanities within the city of Thornton.

Community Impact

Margaret Carpenter Park and the Amphitheater are the main gathering place for Thornton residents and visitors. Carpenter Park is home to Thorntonfest, Fourth of July, Movies in the Park and WinterFest. These events attract thousands of people every year. The summer concert series, theater, dance programs, art sales and performances that take place in the amphitheater are part of the community space that  Carpenter Park embodies and welcomes.

More Opportunities?

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