Thornton Arts & Culture Center (TACC)

Please read the rental information below and complete the online TACC rental request form. Requests may be submitted up to three times a year.

Note: Availability of TACC rental dates is subject to change at any time. One rental is scheduled per weekend due to staff capacity.

interior stage image of arts and culture center Who can rent TACC?

Any adult 21 years or older who is a Thornton resident or a nonprofit group whose official address is within the city's boundaries. Nonresident individuals and groups are welcome to request use of the facility with priority given to city and local (resident) users.

How do I reserve TACC? 

Complete the online TACC rental request formOnce your form has been reviewed and approved, pay your deposit to finalize your reservation. We are unable to hold or guarantee facility availability if a deposit isn't paid for evening or weekend use. One rental is scheduled per weekend. Requests may be submitted per the following schedule: November 1 and after for January-April rentals; March 1 and after for May-August rentals; and July 1 and after for September-December rentals.

What hours and days is TACC available?

Paid facility use is scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. (Second Saturday gallery hours may affect availability.) TACC is closed on Mondays and federal holidays. Weekday use is reserved for the OZ Gallery and weeknight use is reserved for city programs. After hours facility access on evenings and weekends is dependent on 1) priority use for city and division programs, and 2) securing a facility supervisor to be onsite for the scheduled rental period.

Reservations are required for any type of TACC use on any day and must be requested and approved by Arts and Culture staff, using the TACC rental request form, before facility access is permitted. A two-hour minimum rental period is required for use of the facility on evenings and weekends. Use of the theater/gallery space is limited to one rental per month by the same group or individual. There is no basement or kitchen access or storage space provided in the facility.

General facility rental information is below and subject to change at any time. Please review our use and cancellation policy completely before requesting a rental. 

  • Availability is dependent on city and division use and availability of TACC staff to be onsite.

  • Reservation requests may be submitted during these time periods: November 1 for Jan-Apr dates; March 1 for May-Aug dates; and July 1 for Sep-Dec dates. Please refer to the TACC Rental Rates link on the right for more information.

  • The main floor theater/gallery space can accommodate up to 100 people depending on set up.

  • Set-up of tables and chairs will be completed by custodial staff prior to each rental start time. 

  • Access to the existing sound system and theater lighting is included in the hourly rental cost. 

  • When requesting use of the facility, please include additional time to set up/decorate and clean up/load out afterwards. Renters cannot enter TACC prior to their scheduled start time and must leave by the end of their scheduled rental period. Otherwise, additional charges will apply.

  • To reserve the facility, a TACC rental request form must be completed online, as well as payment of a rental deposit to hold the reservation when confirmed by staff. A facility rental agreement is required to be initialed and signed by the renter upon receipt of the deposit.

  • If alcohol is to be served, renters must complete an application for a City of Thornton Liquor License available at the City Clerk's office in City Hall at 9500 Civic Center Drive. Call 303-538-7230 or email for more information about this requirement.

  • If the rental does not involve consumption of alcohol, then full payment for facility use is due 14 days prior to the first rental date. 

  • Facility rental use cannot extend past 10:00 p.m. on evenings and weekends; additional charges will apply for any violations.

  • All evening and weekend users pay to use the facility to cover supervisory and custodial costs; a two-hour minimum is required.

  • The theater space is also an art gallery; artwork cannot be altered in any way during the rental period or facility use will be terminated.

  • No public, individual or group rental party are allowed access to the TACC basement/kitchen area at anytime; it is not ADA accessible.

Check the TACC Rental Rates fact sheet in the upper right column listing fees for facility and equipment use. For additional rental facility options at other city buildings, visit the Thornton Parks and Recreation web page.

*Use of outside equipment or contractors during your rental period requires TACC staff approval. Please do not submit a TACC rental request without getting this approval first for renter liability purposes. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. For any other questions, email

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