New Council-approved projects in various phases of planning, design, construction and completion.

​Projects in Progress

The City of Thornton's Public Art Program has many projects in various phases of planning, design, construction and completion. Most projects span two years. One year is dedicated to review, design, and approval; the second year is dedicated to engineering, fabrication, and installation. Some projects require more time due to design, weather, availability of materials or artists to be onsite. COVID-19 has also had an impact.

​Below are new projects that have been approved by Thornton City Council and are currently in the fabrication or installation phase. Maintenance/restoration projects may also be listed below. Please refer to the links on the right for more information on our commissioning process and how you can volunteer to be on a review panel to help the city bring more unique and engaging public art to all areas of Thornton.

Active Adult Center Project 

Active Adult Center public art image two floral sculpturesThe proposed design will be two, large floral sculptures featuring dichroic glass and lighting elements. The piece is meant to touch on nature, science, and technology. The work will be created by Skunk Control, under the direction of Nick Athanasiou, and installed outside the main entrance to the Active Adult Center at East 112th Avenue and Colorado Blvd. The Australian group will be the first international artists commissioned by the city of Thornton. 

Click here for the council recommendation report (slides 19-70). 

Anticipated completion: 2023

East 136th Avenue Median Project 

136th ave media art sculpture rendering

This piece will be a carbon fiber and ABS structure that will be one the largest 3-D printed sculptures in the United States. The work will be created by designer, Volkan Alkanoglu, founder of Volkan Alkanoglu | DESIGN LLC in Portland, Oregon. The sculpture will be installed off of I-25 in the center of the East 136th Avenue median.

Click here for the most recent media release about the piece.

Click here for the council recommendation report (slides 14-46).

Anticipated completion: 2023

Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center: Atrium Project 

Carpenter Rec Center Atrium ceiling art mobile rendering

The proposed piece will be made of stainless steel and feature lighting elements, acrylic panels, and Swarovski Crystal veils. The piece will be created by Seth Palmiter, founder of Motivated Metal in Rockport, Maine and will be installed in the atrium of the main lobby at the Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center located at East 111th Avenue and Colorado Blvd.

Click here for the council recommendation report (slides 11-58). 

Anticipated completion: 2023  

Sky Park Project 

Sky Park public art sculpture renderingThe proposed piece will be a 5-foot by 6-foot cube structure made of mirror-plated aluminum. The work will be created by Pneuhaus Studio from Rumford, RI, and installed in the new Sky Park located at West 88th Avenue and Santa Fe Drive.

Click here for the council recommendation report (slides 24-75).

Anticipated Completion: 2023

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