Notice anything new in your neighborhood? The SCFD-funded "Outside the Box" Project is giving traffic boxes throughout the city a new look.


 Thornton Arts, Sciences & Humanities Council (TASHCO) commissions artists to aesthetically transform traffic utility boxes from functional infrastructure into colorful works of art.

Why Paint Utility Boxes?

The "Outside the Box" Mural Project was initiated in 2016 as a way to combat graffiti in the city of Thornton through public art. In 2016, there were 795 incidents of graffiti in Thornton, which adds up to approximately 10,486 square feet of vandalism. Traffic boxes made up about 70 percent of graffiti incidents. These mural projects help build a sense of community ownership. Art on otherwise blank spaces can also help discourage graffiti and other acts of vandalism.

 Please read our write-up in The Denver Post to learn more about this project.    

Who Funded This Project?

In 2018, the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) funded 50 percent of this $30,000 project. The TASHCO Funds Balance funded the remaining 50 percent to commission 15 traffic box murals. Support by SCFD and TASHCO has helped mitigate graffiti and empower artists -a majority of whom are Thornton residents- to share their talents with the community.

Who Chooses the Designs?

Thornton Arts & Culture Division works with Code Compliance Officers and Infrastructure to identify ideal locations for murals.  All design submissions are reviewed and chosen by members of the TASHCO Public Art Subcommittee. Board members vote on designs based on their artistic merit, creativity, and overall impact on the community. "Outside the Box" is another way TASHCO members continue their support and advocate for the arts and humanities in the city of Thornton.  Please see below for a list of this year's murals and their locations:




And the Cow is in the Corn

Kim Kelley

E. 98th & Washington St.

Carnival Horses

Gail Marchetti

Thornton Pkwy & Dorothy Blvd.


Girl Scout Troop 63979

88th Ave. & Grant St.

Night Sky Over Thornton

Ryan Lynn Hurd

Huron St. & Conifer Rd.

Inside Out

Jerry Jaramillo

Huron St. & Milky Way


Jane Glotzer

Thornton Pkway & Washington St.


Cayla Cave

Thornton Pkwy & York St.


Zoie Harker

104th Ave. & Colorado Blvd.

Around the Piano

Gail Marchetti

110th Pl. & Colorado Blvd.

Views from Thornton

Christopher Chavez

E. 100th Ave. & Riverdale Rd.

Little Star

Ruben Del Cabrera

E. 136th Ave. & Holly St.


Kelly Martinez

Holly St. & S. Holly Circle

Got Milkweed?

Leslie Gwynn

128th Ave. & Colorado Blvd.


Estella Fernandez

120th Ave. & Colorado Blvd.

Sunset at Hunters Glen

Judy Emery

Washington St. & 134th Ave.

People's Choice Winners

Results are in! Below are the 2018 People's Choice Contest winnrers. Winning artists are happy to know they have made a positive impact on the community through their art. 

Want to Participate?

 We are planning to transform even more traffic boxes in 2019! Visit our Open Calls for Artists Page to download a submission packet!