​This underpass mural will be located on the east side of Carpenter Park Fields at 108th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.


The Underpass Mural Project was initiated by Thornton Arts Ambassadors to help build a sense of community and prevent graffiti. This project was made possible by support from volunteers invested in city beautification, graffiti prevention and promoting the arts in Thornton. Two, 10 feet by 125 feet murals will be painted by 40 volunteers from Xcel Energy Group on Saturday, September 8, for their Xcel Energy Day of Service.

The Artist

 Joe Zielger is a local artist who is volunteering his time and his work for this project. Joe's passion for creating culturally-relevant works comes through in this thoughtful and dynamic design.

To learn more about Joe and his work, please visit his website.

The Design 

North Wall


South Wall


Ziegler's design serves as a colorful map of Thornton. The mural highlights significant Thornton landmarks including Heritage Todd Creek Golf Club, Trail Winds Parks & Open Space, and the water tanks on Thornton Parkway. The Thornton crossroads, that is part of the city of Thornton logo is placed at the center of each design to instill a sense of place. The Thornton crossroads image will match up on either side of the underpass to create a mid-line in the design, reminding viewers that they are in the heart of Thornton.

Who Funded This Project?

 The total materials budget for this project is $1000. Xcel Energy has contributed a $500 stipend to the project. The city of Thornton Arts & Culture Division will cover the remaining $500 portion for the project.

Who Chose the Design? 

The Thornton Arts & Culture Division worked with the city of Thornton Neighborhood Services and Parks Divisions to identify the best location. Then, all design submissions were reviewed and chosen by resident-members of the TASHCO Public Art Subcommitee. The designs submitted were scored based on artistic merit, creativity, and overall impact on the community. Final approval was granted by Thornton City Council Members in their support of TASHCO's goal to support the arts and humanities within the city of Thornton.

More Opportunities?

Please visit our Open Calls for Artists page to leanr more about other opportunities for artists. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please visit our Volunteer Thornton page.