Betty Owen being crowned Beta Sigma Phi in 1959

The Project

A Day in the Life is an inclusive video project that highlights the diverse stories, histories, and experiences of Adams County residents. Residents are encouraged submit three to ten minute long videos capturing what life looks like for an Adams County resident. These short videos will come together in a film festival to weave a narrative for Adams County. The films can chronicle the past, take a snapshot of the present, or capture hopes of the future.

Who Funded this Project?

The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) funded 50 percent of this $9,400 project. The TASHCO Funds Balance funds the remaining 50 percent. 

What Happens to the Videos?

Videos will become part of an interactive map developed by the city of Thornton's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Technology (IT) Divisions. When a resident submits a video, it will be tagged on a map to the Adams County location it was shot. The possibilities are not limited to history mapping, the interactive map may depict animal migration routes, native plant species, or important water resource information.   

Need Ideas for Videos?

Residents are encouraged to explore inter-generational and cross-cultural narratives. Below are some ideas that may help your creative process:

Share memories

  • Interview someone older in your life and ask them about their experiences. How has the landscape changed? How have communities grown? Ask questions and explore memories of days gone by in Adams County.
  • Is there a park, trail, or other location that holds a special memory? Tell us about it.
  • Tell us about the amazing people who have impacted your life.
  • Tell us about teachers that helped you reach your goals.

Share culture

  • There are so many diverse cultures and traditions in Adams County. Tell us about yours!
  • Food brings people together; share your favorite recipes or places to eat!
  • Share fables or fairytales specific to your culture.  

Share knowledge

  • There is so much nature around us. Share what you know about native plants and animals.
  • Founded in 1901, Adams County has tons of history. Share what you know!
  • What are the best trails? Best views? Best burger joints? Share what makes Adams County amazing.

Share your journey

  • What are you working towards?  Finishing high school? A degree?
  • What has led you to this point in your life? Tell your story.
  • Making changes in your life? Tell us your process.   

Share your future

  • Tell us where you're going. Will we see your name in lights?
  • What do you want to see in your city or in your community?
  • What are your hopes for your children or the newer generations?

When is the Film Festival?

Submissions to the project will be screened on Saturday, December 14 at the TASHCO Winterfest tent. Submissions will be screened all day and visitors will have the chance to submit new vidoes during the Winter Fest event.    

Want to Participate?

Click on the link below or visit to view our interactive map and submit your stories! 

GIS Division