Long Range Planning

Current Projects - July 2024

Long Range Planning is currently in the process of working on two different plans: Thornton's Historic Preservation Plan and an update to Thornton's Development Code.

Historic Preservation Plan

The Historic Preservation Plan is currently being drafted. For more information, visit the Historic Preservation Plan project page.

Development Code Update

Thornton's Development Code is currently being revised. For information on the planning process, community engagement opportunities, and project progress, visit the Development Code Update website (external).

Thornton's Long Range Planning Division

Thornton is one of the fastest growing cities in Colorado and shows no sign of slowing down. Thoughtfully addressing change and growth in a city of 150,000 residents is crucial to maintaining the high-quality services and amenities that draw people to Thornton. The Long Range Planning Department collaborates with the community and City Council to guide the city’s land use, identify historic resources, and analyze trends within the city and the region. 

Planning Documents

Plans are the tool the Long Range Planners most frequently utilize to guide effective decision-making within the city and define the community’s vision for Thornton. Plans can cover different geographical areas, like the area surrounding an N-Line Station, or they can address certain types of resources in the city, such as the Transportation and Mobility Master Plan.

Plans are not law, but they serve as the basis for city decision-making and prioritization while providing the foundation for more regulatory documents like the city’s Development Code. Visit the Plans page or view different types of Long Range Planning documents below.

Other Long Range Planning Initiatives

In addition to Plans, Long Range Planning leads initiatives around Historic Preservation as well as Population & Demographic reporting.

Historic Preservation Planning

Long Range Planning seeks to identify and protect our city's historic buildings and structures while highlighting the city’s heritage.

Population and Demographic Data

Knowing the different demographic, construction, and housing trends in Thornton is crucial to planning and allocating city resources.