Historic Preservation Planning

Draft Historic Preservation Plan - July 2024

Thornton's Historic Preservation Plan is currently being drafted and is in the last stages of drafting. More information on the draft Plan can be found below.

Historic Preservation Plan

Project Background

To guide future and on-going historic preservation efforts, the city of Thornton is seeking to create a Historic Preservation Plan (HPP). The Historic Preservation Plan will provide a short and long-term vision of what preservation means to the community. The Plan is used to guide and align public and private investments in Thornton's historic landmarks with the shared vision and values of the community, and to provide policy direction on how to best preserve Thornton's history and cultural landscapes. The HPP will establish goals, major strategies, recommended surveying actions to identify historic properties, and key policies related to Thornton's historic landmarks to ensure preservation of historic buildings and landscapes across the City. For additional context, view a mapping presentation of Thornton's Historic Places of Interest.

Historic Recognition

Community recognition of Thornton's history and heritage creates a sense of belonging, pride, and identity. Identification and preservation of buildings and structures from the city's history help make Thornton a special place. In December 2012, City Council adopted the "Historic Recognition Code" which is Chapter 19 of the Thornton City Code to provide a procedure for officially recognizing historic sites, structures, and districts within the city.

Like many suburbs built after 1950, Thornton's history as a city begins at its agricultural roots in the late 1800s and early 1900s, long before its incorporation as a municipality in 1956. This history extends through the original post-WWII subdivisions into the extraordinary population growth of recent decades. Structures built before the early 1960s are now older than 50 years and could be eligible for listing in the state and national register of historic places. Thornton's Historic Recognition Code provides a mechanism for nominating these structures for local historic designation. 

Historic Recognition Code