Station Area Master Plans


The N-Line commuter rail opened in 2020, activating four stations within the city limits. Capitalizing on the opportunities of the transit service includes providing a vision and planning framework for future private development and public investment in the areas directly surrounding the transit stations; the documents created through this process are called Station Area Master Plans, commonly referred to as STAMPs.

These plans will serve as a blueprint for policy, regulatory and investment decisions needed to make transit-oriented development (TOD) in these Station Areas a reality. These plans establish flexible frameworks for private investment in development and redevelopment, while providing appropriate guidance related to the types of land uses, transportation infrastructure, and area amenities desired by the community.

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An image of the N-Line Train in front of the eastlake grain elevator

Original Thornton at 88th Station Area Master Plan

Located near 88th Avenue and Welby Road, this is the southernmost N Line station in Thornton. As a transit gateway into Thornton, this station provides a unique opportunity to create a positive impression and image of Thornton to visitors and residents. This STAMP (adopted in 2015) provides a vision and planning framework for future private development and public investment in order to create a vibrant, walkable station area with convenient train access.

Original Thornton at 88th STAMP [PDF/7.2MB]

A photograph of Original Thornton station taken from atop a nearby hill.

Thornton Crossroads at 104th Station Area Master Plan

Photograph of Thornton Crossroads Station from the train platform.

This STAMP for the area around the station at 104th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard was adopted in 2015. Within this area, land use alternatives were created for four opportunity sites that are particularly feasible for development or redevelopment. The plan focuses on creating a walkable station area with a rich mix of land uses within a half-mile walking distance of the station.

Thornton Crossroads at 104th STAMP [PDF/4.8MB]

112th Avenue Station Area Master Plan

Although the station is located within Northglenn, much of the adjacent vacant land is located within Thornton. The two jurisdictions worked together on this STAMP that was adopted in 2017 by the Thornton City Council. The plan aims to create a mixed-use, walkable TOD.

112th Avenue STAMP [PDF/68.2MB]City of Northglenn 112th Station Website

an image of the 112th and northglenn station taken from the parking lot, featuring the gallopping horse public art feature in the foreground

Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan

Photograph of eastlake at 124th station from the train platform, featuring the eastlake grain elevator in the background.

The town of Eastlake was originally settled as a railway village in the early 20th century and incorporated into the city of Thornton in 1990. The 2015 Eastlake at 124th STAMP takes advantage of the existing main street and small- lot grid creating an ideal environment for TOD. This station is the temporary end of line for the N Line.

Eastlake at 124th Avenue STAMP [PDF/11.6MB]

Future N-Line Stations

Two locations north of the Eastlake at 124th Station have been identified as the final two stations on the N
Line and will be planned and constructed in the future as RTD funding becomes available. These stations, the
York at 144th Station and North Thornton at Hwy 7 Station, will extend service to more Thornton residents
and lengthen an efficient and sustainable connection to Denver Union Station. As construction has not started on the rail lines, the city has not commenced the planning process for these two Station Areas. With this said, the Future Land Use Map indicates areas as designated for Transit-Oriented Development. When a Station Area Master Plan is being developed for these sites you’ll find more information on this page.