Thornton shopping center aerial view

​Thornton Shopping Center Redevelopment

Welcome to the Thornton Shopping Center Redevelopment Page, dedicated to providing useful information relative to the revitalization of this long neglected site. 

  • Schedule (these dates are subject to change based on unforeseen conditions, but the major tasks and the order in which they will take place are accurate).  

    • Possession awarded:  January 3, 2023
    • Quarterly environmental monitoring:  ongoing
    • Tenant relocations completed: 4th Quarter 2023
    • Asbestos assessments: complete
    • Asbestos abatement and demolition:  4th Quarter 2023 – 1st Quarter 2024
    • Compliance Order on Consent (COC) with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE):  3rd Quarter 2023-1st Quarter 2024
      • Negotiations completed
      • Draft cleanup workplan pending
      • Comment period: (community input on cleanup decisions)
      • TDA approval scheduled for January 23, 2024
    • Source area contaminant extent evaluation: 1st Quarter 2024
    • Source area contaminant excavation: 2nd Quarter 2024
    • 5-day Commissioner Valuation Trial, Adams County District Court, March 18, 2024
    • Community engagement and reuse planning, EPA Technical Assistance for Brownfields (TAB) program: 2nd Quarter 2024
      • Market Study
      • Community Engagement Session (includes public input)
      • Council/TDA adopts vision for site
    • Redevelopment request for proposals solicitation to the development community: 3rd Quarter 2024 


December 1, 2023 Status Update

Asbestos abatement has begun and is generally being conducted beginning with the former post office and moving unit by unit towards the east.  Formal utility disconnects and demolition activities continue, and residents can expect temporary lane closures on Corona Street and 88th Avenue.  TDA approval of a Compliance Order on Consent with CDPHE is scheduled for January 23, 2024.  A draft workplan will be available to view at that time, and the community will be given the opportunity to provide comment before cleanup activities are implemented.

3rd Quarter 2023 Groundwater Monitoring Report

November 10, 2023 Status Update 

All tenants have vacated the site.  A contract for asbestos abatement and demolition has been awarded to Hudspeth, scheduled to be completed by March 1, 2024.  Chronology of events include general debris removal, asbestos abatement, utility disconnects and building demolition.  Floor slabs and other foundation components will be left in place until the soil remediation phase, later in the spring of 2024.

 October 27, 2023 Status Update:

Seven pre-qualified asbestos abatement and demolition contractors attended the mandatory site walk on October 23; bids are due by October 31.  Final sections of construction fencing will be installed during the week of November 6.

October 13, 2023 Status Update:  

TDA has no current development plans for the site.  Future visioning for site reuse will include community meetings facilitated by EPA's Technical Assistance for Brownfields (TAB) program in April of 2024.  The public visioning process will consider factors such as market feasibility, community input, environmental conditions, quality of development, and TDA direction.  Check back here after the first of the year for a scope of work for TAB engagement!

September 13, 2023 - Notice of Request for Contractor Qualifications:  The City of Thornton (“Thornton”) is requesting Statement of Qualification (SOQ) submittals from General Contractors (“Respondent”) interested in becoming prequalified to bid on the Thornton Shopping Center Abatement and Demolition, Project No. 22-123.  Click HERE to view the solicitation.

September 1, 2023 Status Update:  Next Phase - Asbestos Abatement and Demolition.  

Beginning in early September, the TDA will prequalify contractors through a process advertised on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. Qualified contractors will be invited to bid on the complete asbestos abatement and building demolition phase of the Thornton Shopping Center redevelopment project.  The City's contracted environmental consultant, ERO, will manage this phase of the project.

July 28, 2023 Status Update

The last four tenants are vacating the site between now and September 30.  Negotiations are underway to have a mobile post office parked behind Wendy's during normal business hours.  Check back here soon for details.

July 17, 2023  2nd Quarter Groundwater Monitoring Report

July 11, 2023 Status Update

Staff is currently assisting the USPS find a temporary mobile Post Office location somewhere nearby.  In the meantime, effective August 7, 2023, all Post Office operations will be transferred to 1411 Cortez, near the intersection of Pecos and US-36.

All activities are on schedule and proceeding as planned.  Remaining tenants expected to move out by the end of August include Thornton Laundromat (moving to 1484 104th Ave), Watermill Express (moving to 9131 N. Washington), Post Office (closing August 5, moving to Pecos and US-36), ACE Cash Express (lease expires July 31), and Angellos's Events Center (moving to Pinnacle Center).

Outside counsel and CDPHE are nearly complete negotiating the Compliance Order on Consent, the legal regulatory framework guiding response activities once TDA receives title to the property in 2024.  Asbestos sampling in the buildings continues.  Remaining fencing and gates will be installed September 1.

June 23, 2023 Status Update

Tenant relocation activities continue at the site. Some lighting to the north parking area was restored today.  The United States Postal Service announced that effective August 7, 2023, their Thornton operations will move to the large postal facility near Pecos Street and US Highway 36 (Boulder Turnpike).  The announcement can be viewed HERE. Staff is working with USPS to establish a mobile post office in the 80229 zip code area while a permanent facility is secured.

June 16, 2023 Status Update

All activities detailed in the previous post are on schedule and proceeding as described.  Lighting in the north parking area is expected to be restored on June 21. Calzamundo Western Wear has moved to 3039 W 74th Avenue.  Family Dollar is now closed.  The Post Office will temporarily move to the 1411 Cortez Street (Pecos and US-36) facility, while lease negotiations in Thornton continue.

June 9, 2023 Status Update

Schedule (these dates are subject to change based on unforeseen conditions, but the major tasks and the order in which they will take place are accurate).  

  • Tenant relocations: now-Aug 2023
  • Asbestos assessments: now-Sep 2023
  • Asbestos abatement: Aug-Oct 2023
  • Demolition: Oct-Dec 2023
  • Source area contaminant extent evaluation: Jan-Feb 2024
  • Source area contaminant excavation: Jan-Mar 2024
  • Reuse planning: Apr-Jun 2024;
  • Redevelopment request for proposals: Jul-Sep 2024.  

Our goal is to have the buildings down by the end of the year. The bidding process will determine the duration.  Staff recommends reuse planning be delayed until the contaminant source removal phase is completed in early 2024.  The effectiveness of contaminant removal activities will determine which future uses are appropriate for the site.

June 2, 2023 Status Update

Tenant Relocation – Three tenants moved from the site this week.  Most remaining tenants should be out by June 30, and the center is scheduled to be completely vacated by the end of August.

Demolition – Asbestos assessments are being completed as spaces are vacated; abatement will follow.  Staff is compiling a demolition specification for bidding later this summer.  Goal is still to have all buildings razed in 2023.

Cleanup – Compliance Order on Consent negotiations with CDPHE continue; draft workplan outline complete.  PCE source removal scheduled for early 2024.  Click HERE for latest Monthly Status Report to CDPHE.

May 26, 2023 Status Update

Tenant relocation work continued at the site with no significant delays.  Environmental assessment and cleanup planning activities also occurred, with positive CDPHE interaction.  More construction fencing was installed along the Corona Street and 88th Avenue frontages.

May 19, 2023 Status Update

The roll-off containers of soil cuttings from previous environmental investigations were removed and properly disposed this week.  Analytical results from our second round of quarterly monitoring will be assembled and included in a report.  Staff is reviewing an environmental cleanup work plan outline and draft Compliance Order on Consent; these issues will be discussed at a meeting with CDPHE on May 25, 2023.

Thornton Police Department has been assisting with illegally parked and abandoned vehicle issues.  Landscaping cleanup and mowing was completed along the Corona Street and 88th Avenue frontages.  Staff is working with Thornton Laundromat to relocate to 104th Avenue; Family Dollar, ACE Cash Express, and Calzamundo will be completing self-moves.  Asbestos assessments will be conducted as tenants vacate their spaces; abatement will be performed prior to demolition.

May 12, 2023 Status Update

Seven of 12 tenants have signed relocation agreements with TDA.  Some move-outs will be completed by May 31, and most others will be completed by June 30.  Fencing was completed this week in the eastern portion of the site.  More fencing will occur soon along the Corona Street and 88th Avenue frontages.

99 drums of non-hazardous "Investigation Derive Waste" were previously consolidated into three roll-off containers and characterized for disposal. We received written concurrence from CDPHE this week and the materials will be removed for proper disposal next week.

May 5, 2023 Status Update

As the next step in the TDA's eminent domain proceedings, the Court has set the date of March 18, 2024, for the beginning of the valuation trial.  As indicated in the notice, the Court has set the valuation trial for up to 5 days.  This trial will be held before 3 commissioners, chosen for their expertise in areas like contaminated property, real estate valuation and the law.   

Tenant relocation efforts continue to progress.  Final relocation determinations have been reached with six of 12 tenants: First Lady Nails, No Mo Violence Dance Group, Word Alive Ministries, Motorcycle Training Academy, Mountain View Group AA, and Angello's Events Center.  Remaining determinations are progressing as expected.  The Watermill Express kiosk will relocate to the Sunrise Village Shopping Center at 9111 Washington Street.  Word Alive Ministries will relocate to the former Stonebrook Manor property at 650 E. 124th Avenue.

Renewed efforts are underway to keep the property free of litter, address abandoned and illegally parked vehicles, encourage a homeless encampment to vacate the site, and add additional construction fencing.  Environmental tasks agreed upon with CDPHE are proceeding on schedule.

April 28, 2023 Status Update

Schedule (these dates are subject to change based on unforeseen conditions, but the major tasks and the order in which they will take place are accurate).  

  • Tenant relocations underway now-Jun 2023 (post office will take longer)
  • Asbestos abatement Jun-Sep 2023
  • Demolition Oct-Dec 2023
  • Contaminant excavation Jan-Mar 2024
  • Reuse planning Apr-Jun 2024;
  • Redevelopment RFP Jul-Sep 2024.  

Our goal is to have the buildings down by the end of the year. The bidding process will determine the duration.  Staff recommends reuse planning be delayed until the contaminant source removal phase is completed in early 2024.  The effectiveness of contaminant removal activities will determine which future uses are appropriate for the site.

April 21, 2023 Status Update

Tenant relocation negotiations have been completed for five of the 12 tenants. Most remaining tenants have identified new locations and are considering assistance options.  Asbestos assessment activities, sufficient to incorporate into abatement bid specifications, have been completed.  Once tenants vacate their spaces, asbestos abatement activities will commence.

Construction fencing has been erected along a portion of the eastern property line.  As tenants vacate their spaces, the fencing will be extended, as appropriate.

On the environmental side, drummed soil cuttings staged on the site from previous investigations were consolidated into roll-off waste containers this week, resampled, and will be sent to a landfill pending receipt of waste characterization analysis.

The second round of quarterly groundwater sampling will take place during the week of April 24.  Results from the first round can be viewed here.

March 13, 2023 Status Update

The first section of construction fencing will be installed soon along the eastern portion of the property, between the back corner of First Lady Nails and Clinica Campesina to the north, as a traffic control measure.  Staff is designing overall fence placement in cooperation with Corona Apartments, Clinica Campesina, New America School, and the Thornton Fire Department.      

Day-to-day operations of the Thornton Shopping Center are now being managed by Cordes & Company, and together, we have been busy responding to repair requests such as roof leaks, burst water pipes, malfunctioning heating systems and problems with parking lot lighting.  Spear Security is providing fire watch and other security services. 

Western States Land Services is managing tenant relocations.  Moving estimates from two different companies are nearly complete and tenants will need to make decisions soon regarding various options provided by our relocation policy. 90-day notices were issued to four tenants in early March, and the balance should be mailed later this week.  TDA and our consultants are working closely with the tenants to ease this transition.

Environmental consultants from ERO and Clear Consulting are currently updating and supplementing asbestos assessment information throughout the onsite structures, and we expect this activity to be complete by the end of March. Updated asbestos assessment information will be incorporated into a bid specification, and once the bid is awarded and onsite buildings are vacated, formal abatement activities can commence.  While abatement activities are underway, TDA will bid out demolition activities for award later in 2023.

Meanwhile, our attorneys and consultants are working with CDPHE to formalize a remediation work plan to be incorporated into a Compliance Order on Consent.  We have reconvened quarterly testing at the site and will soon dispose of soil and groundwater staged onsite from previous environmental investigations.  Once the main building is removed, our team will collect another round of samples from the contaminant source area, to further define extent and more accurately design removal activities. 

Thornton Shopping Center Progress Report January 31, 2023

Property Decommissioning Tasks

Eminent Domain:  TDA assumed court-ordered possession on January 3, upon deposit with the court of $2.5 million. The process for obtaining title will conclude with a valuation hearing in 12-18 months.  Legal team is currently identifying candidates for a valuation commission.

Short Term Management:  Economic Development, Legal, Police, Fire and Code staff formed a site safety committee, and we meet biweekly to discuss relevant issues that need attention.  Since TDA is now managing a shopping center, staff is actively securing contracts for snow removal, roof repair, electrical troubleshooting, maintenance management, and site security (fire watch).  Extra effort will target illegal dumping on the site, which has increased exponentially.

Tenant Relocation:  Our relocation consultant, Western States, immediately engaged with 11 tenants and began the relocation process, consistent with TDA policy and the federal Uniform Relocation Act; current vacancy goal is April 30.  Staff is separately negotiating with the Post Office, as its federal status prevents traditional eviction.  Our legal team has drafted new leases to carry tenants through the balance of their tenancy.  Major relocation steps:  Evaluate moving needs; Formal Relocation Determination; 90-day notice to vacate.

Environmental:  Consistent with TDA's letter agreement with CDPHE, our environmental consultant, ERO, has initiated quarterly environmental sampling, disposal of soil and groundwater drums stored within the facility, and compilation of a long-term workplan suitable for incorporation into a consent agreement, currently being negotiated.  Source removal of contamination and installation of a reactive barrier wall for the southeast property boundary will be designed and bid after demolition completion, assuming a consent agreement is in place with CDPHE.

Demolition activities:  While we work on the above elements of site decommissioning, we will contract for an asbestos survey, asbestos abatement bid specifications and award, and building demolition specifications and award.  The buildings will be fenced as soon as tenants have completed their moves.  Goal is to have minimal delay between property vacation and demolition.

January 3, 2023:  Thornton Development Authority assumed immediate possession at approximately 10:00 a.m. on January 3.  Our consultants at Western States Land Services will be working with tenants to provide adequate relocation services, consistent with TDA's Relocation Assistance for Displaced Businesses Policy.  While tenants are relocating, we will begin design work for bidding asbestos abatement, building demolition, and environmental cleanup activities later in 2023.  Check back here for details!

November 22, 2022:  Eminent Domain Update - In Adams County District Court, 17th Judicial District Judge Mark D. Warner awarded Thornton Development Authority Immediate Possession of the Thornton Shopping Center, upon depositing $2.5 million with the court registry, which will likely take place by the end of December 2022.

August 3, 2022:  Eminent Domain Announcement:  On August 1, 2022, the Thornton Development Authority (TDA) filed a Petition in Condemnation in Adams County District Court seeking to condemn the Thornton Shopping Center property.  The Petition was filed after unsuccessful attempts to consensually purchase the property from the property owner.  The Petition is consistent with the TDA's urban renewal plan and pursues its urban renewal project to eliminate blight on the property.  The TDA is in the process of serving the initial paperwork on the property owner and all other named parties and anticipates in the coming weeks or months that the District Court will set a hearing on the TDA's request for immediate possession to allow it to begin its project.   


Earlier this year Council and the Thornton Development Authority (TDA) authorized the TDA to exercise its power of eminent domain, if necessary, to acquire the Thornton Shopping Center property.  This property has a history of soil and groundwater contamination documented by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The TDA has notified the property owner that it intends to acquire the property consensually, if at all possible and, if not, by condemnation.  The TDA intends to acquire the property for purposes of remediating the environmental contamination consistent with its urban renewal project and under the jurisdiction of the CDPHE, in order to protect public health and safety, and to eventually facilitate redevelopment.  For questions please call 303-538-7390.  

At the top of this page, you will find the latest news; below you will find narrative and links devoted to redevelopment, environmental cleanup, and code enforcement.

Originally constructed in the late 1950s, Thornton Shopping Center, located at the northeast corner of 88th Avenue and Washington Street, is Thornton's oldest shopping center. It once hosted more than 30 stores, and was the heart of shopping in Thornton. Sadly, the property has fallen into disrepair and blight, and the presence of chemical contamination from historic dry cleaners has made redevelopment difficult.  The City of Thornton is interested in working to create a vastly improved area when redeveloping the site.

Redevelopment Status

The City of Thornton's Office of Economic Development is responsible for seeking redevelopment opportunities, and brokering deals between the property owner, developers, and the City.  The City of Thornton wishes to encourage quality redevelopment of the 15.6-acre site, and has worked with several developers over the years, to create a vision for the site that is both market-based and reflects the needs of stakeholders.  In the past several years, staff shepherded several redevelopment prospects to the site, guided them through various stages of purchase agreements and due diligence, only to watch that interest wane due to the cleanup costs and long-term liability, site financing difficulty, and insufficient return on investment.  Unfortunately, State and federal redevelopment resources (including EPA Browfield Grants) are not typically available for sites under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) enforcement, nor are liability protection instruments that developers often need in order to commit to redevelopment.  All of this led Thornton Development Authority take the property through eminent domain in 2022, in order to relocate tenants, demolish the site, and conduct badly needed environmental remediation necessary to set the stage for redevelopment. 

The City continues to assemble resources to level the playing field, and stands ready to partner with the private sector to redevelop the site.  The Thornton Shopping Center site is located within the South Thornton Urban Renewal Plan Area, as well as the Opportunity Zone and Enterprise Zone programs.

Current Site Boundaries and Features:

Zoning:  Thornton Shopping Center is currently zoned Community Retail.

Important Developments and Documents

January 11, 2022:  Thornton Development Authority approved a resolution authorizing eminent domain proceedings.  

TDA Meeting Agenda Packet 

December 2, 2021:  CDPHE Response to Mayor's October 11, 2021 Letter

November 12, 2021:  Eminent Domain Public Hearing Notice

October 11, 2021 Letter to Gov. Polis

Thornton Shopping Center Update - part of the October 12, 2021 Thornton City Council Planning Session.

Interview with Chad Howell, Redevelopment Administrator

September 14, 2021: The Thornton Development Authority Blighted Conditions Survey Update was adopted by Resolution  at the September 14, 2021 regular City Council meeting.  

Thornton Shopping Center Update - part of the August 31, 2021 Thornton City Council Planning Session.

Thornton Shopping Center Update - part of the August 17, 2021 Thornton City Council Planning Session.

Welcome to t

April 7, 2021:  Esri Demographic Summary

December 22, 2020:   Corrective Action Plan Memo

December 18, 2020:  The City of Thornton and Thornton Development Authority are taking steps to acquire the Thornton Shopping Center through the power of eminent domain, if necessary, and several contracts are underway to further that effort:

  • New Corrective Action Plan (CAP), including engineers' estimate of probable cost for cleanup and demolition;

  • Eminent Domain Appraisal;

  • Update to the Blighted Conditions Survey for the South Thornton Urban Renewal Area Plan.

In 2019, Thornton Development Authority invested $150,000 into additional environmental investigations, to enable Flywheel Capital to draft alternative Corrective Action Plans for CDPHE consideration.  One of the most important results of those investigations was the compilation of a comprehensive map of groundwater contamination, which can be viewed below.

July 28, 2020: The Thornton Development Authority approved a Resolution authorizing staff to explore acquisition of some or all of the plaza.  

Environmental Cleanup Status

Improper handling of dry cleaning chemicals over several decades has resulted in a release to the subsurface environment and migration off-site to the southeast.  Perchloroethylene (or PERC) is a chlorinated solvent that is heavier than water, and while it may follow the direction of groundwater movement, it also follows fractures in the bedrock.  It only takes a small amount of PERC to ruin a vast area of groundwater, and this volatile compound is very difficult to contain and treat.  However, certain reactive agents can be injected into the subsurface to accelerate the natural decomposition of PERC.  

Enforcement of environmental cleanup is the responsibility of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Corrective Action Unit, under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). For additional information, please contact Lindsay Murl, Environmental Protection Specialist, at or 720-644-6314.

 Liability for cleanup runs with the land and attaches to all who acquire the property.  Redevelopment assistance through "Brownfields Redevelopment" programs is typically not available for sites under RCRA enforcement.

For environmental data regarding the Thornton Shopping Center Site, please see CDPHE’s Records Review Page at  For ease in your search, the EPA ID Number for Thornton Shopping Center is COR000212639.

The owner of the property, Thornton, LLC, is currently conducting Phase I and II of a state-mandated Corrective Action Plan, which includes injections of BOS-100, a proprietary compound used to break down PERC contamination in the subsurface.  The injections, where indicated on the map below, are expected to be completed in 2021, followed by periodic monitoring to gauge effectiveness.

Source Area Map:

Groundwater Impact Map:

Jan-Jun 2021 Phase I and II Groundwater Treatment Areas:

Important Developments and Documents

March 28, 2022:  Revised Thornton Shopping Center Corrective Action Plan.pdf

March 22, 2022:  CDPHE Report Deficiency Letter

December 17, 2021:  Remedial Measures Implementation Report - Phase I and II Off-Site BOS 100® Injections

October 20, 2021:  Phase II Limited Site Investigation and Resulting Legal Descriptions for Red Parcel and Blue Parcel 

September 3, 2021:  Order Modifying Stipulated Injunction

August 31, 2021:  CDPHE Approval for Phase II Revised Injections

August 27, 2021:  Quantum Environmental Revised Phase II Injection Map 

August 13, 2021:  Quantum Water & Environment Bi-Weekly Status Report

July 30, 2021:  Bi-Weekly Status Report for environmental cleanup activities

June 3, 2021: Order Modifying Stipulated Injunction

May 20, 2021:  Letter from Mayor Kulmann to CDPHE

May 6, 2021:  Revised Compliance Advisory (May 6, 2021) regarding inspection deficiencies

April 8, 2021:  CDPHE Approval of Pre-drill Method for BOS-100 Injections

April 7, 2021: Thornton, LLC Status Report to CDPHE

March 15, 2021:  CDPHE Inspection Report

March 11, 2021:  Emails between CDPHE and Thornton, LLC  Attachment

March 10, 2021: Thornton, LLC Status Report to CDPHE

March 1-4, 2021: E-mails between CDPHE and Thornton, LLC

February 10, 2021: Thornton, LLC Status Update to CDPHE

December 31, 2020:  Thornton, LLC Bi-Weekly Status Update to CDPHE

December 1, 2020:  Court Order Granting Stipulated Injunction

October 15, 2020:CDPHE Response to Owner's Modified Remediation Request

October 06, 2020:Owner's Proposal for Modified Remediation

September 3, 2020:CDPHE Asbestos Inspection Report

August 31, 2020:CDPHE Asbestos Inspection Report

August 17, 2020:CDPHE Corrective Action Compliance Inspection

August 14, 2020:Letter from Governor Polis

July 23, 2020:  The City of Thornton has responded to Jay Brown's letter to Governor Polis.  As a result, CDPHE has responded to the Mayor and will schedule a meeting with City leadership by mid-August 2020.

July 8, 2020: The City of Thornton is drafting a letter to the Governor’s Office in response to Jay Brown’s letter regarding the Thornton Shopping Center.

2019 Site Characterization Data Package

2018 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

2018 Thornton, LLC Summary (Corrective Action Plan Memo) 

March 5, 2018:  CDPHE Approval of Second Corrective Action Plan Modification Request

November 29, 2017:  Thornton, LLC Second CAP Modification Request

January 28, 2016:  ASBESTOS SURVEY

URA Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Status

Responsibility for enforcing the South Thornton Urban Renewal Area Property Maintenance Code falls on The City of Thornton's City Development Department, Building Inspection Division.  Two cases have now been filed in Municipal Court to resolve code violations.

Important Developments and Documents

February 17, 2022:  Neglected and Derelict Building Notification

September 10, 2021:  Seven code violations observed at the property are as follows:

1. Potholes observed throughout the property, concentrated mostly in areas where the northern structures were demolished, the Corona Apartments driveways and easements, along the south side of property, and at driveways. In violation of TCC Sec. 10-251(b) and 10-251(c).

2. Salon (8948 / 8946) wood-shingled roof is in disrepair with missing, damaged, and rotting shingles. In violation of TCC Sec. 10-253(h).

3. USPS South face wall of loading docks has damaged trim and walls throughout. Requires repairs, patch and paint, and general maintenance throughout. In violation of TCC Sec. 10-253(g).

4. USPS lift gate at southwest corner near the south facing loading docks is rusted and requires scrape and paint for proper surface protection. In violation of TCC Sec. 10-253(c).

5. Two large holes (approximately 4" in diameter) with smaller holes in the rear Southwest (west face) corner brick and masonry of 8850. In violation of TCC Sec. 10-253(g).

6. Missing electrical cover has exposed wires above 8850 rear south exit. In violation of TCC Sec. 10-273(c).

7. West face of red wooden fascia (along rear 8852/811) is damaged with holes and damaged or missing portions throughout. In violation of TCC Sec 10-253(g).

June 30, 2021:  Sentencing Orders from June 30, 2021 Municipal Court Sentencing Hearing:

Summons No. 4545137

Summons No. 4545186

June 9, 2021:  Thornton LLC pled guilty to one charge of 10-251: Sidewalks and Driveways. Sentencing was set on June 30th, 2021, together with Thornton LLC’s other case.

May 12, 2021:  The Sentencing on the Thornton LLC Case (filed 7.9.20) resulted as follows:  Judge Rose imposed a total of $37,100 in fines; he suspended all fines on the condition of compliance. The Review Hearing is set for Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. Judge Rose has reserved the right to impose a portion of the suspended fine on the Review date even if the defendant comes into compliance; he has chosen not to do so at this time to allow for compliance. Per the defense, they plan to be in compliance by mid-June, prior to the June 30th Review Hearing.

March 23, 2021:  Response to Citizen Questions Regarding Municipal Court Sentencing for Thornton LLC Code Violations

February 25, 2021:  Thornton, LLC Status Report to CDPHE  Photo 1  Photo 2 Photo 3

January 20, 2021:  The Municipal Court set over sentencing for code compliance violations until May 12, 2021, in order to give the property owner time to correct remaining violations.  Once the exact day and time are scheduled, details will be provided at the top of this page.

November 6, 2020:  Thornton Shopping Center Repair Updates

October 29, 2020:  CDPHE files suit against Thornton, LLC and Jay Brown to compel cleanup, per the approved Corrective Action Plan.  Read the filing here.

August 20, 2020:  In the matter of City of Thornton v. Thornton, LLC and Jay Brown, today (8/20/20) was the first appearance on the summons for Thornton LLC and Jay Brown personally. As is typical, the parties discussed procedural and scheduling issues.  The defense attorneys asked that Jay Brown be dismissed from the case. The City opposed this motion.  The court ordered the defense to submit a motion within ten days to explain its request for dismissing Jay Brown.  After the motion is submitted, the City will have ten days to respond.  The next hearing will be another procedural hearing where the court will rule on the motion to dismiss Jay Brown.  After the court decides the motion, barring any surprises or requests for a delay, Thornton LLC will enter a plea of “guilty” or “not guilty” and set the case for trial if the plea is “not guilty.”  If Jay Brown’s cases are not dismissed, he will also need to enter a plea. 

On-site code enforcement activities continued.  Thornton, LLC's maintenance manager is searching for replacement covers for light post wiring and other exposed electric panels and boxes throughout the property.  He is also working on permitting and contracting for the required plumbing backflow preventers. Reportedly, scraping and painting of light posts is scheduled for this week. 

August 19, 2020:  The Municipal Court hearing on August 20, 2020 is scheduled for 9:00 a.m.  This “First Appearance” is largely procedural, and is not the actual trial. To listen in, citizens are encouraged to call the Municipal Court directly at 720-977-5400 during regular business hours for information on how to observe remote hearings.

August 18, 2020:  During the past week, city staff continued to enforce code compliance, including the need to install backflow preventers in fire suppression systems.  Landscaping and interior clean up continued. The City's Task Force met to discuss an agenda for an upcoming meeting with CDPHE.

August 5, 2020:  Staff held a remote listening session for neighborhood residents and interested parties, where we discussed the status of our efforts to affect positive change at the site. Attendees seemed to appreciate the information exchanged.  A recording of the meeting can be accessed here: Password: rsAt#c9s.       

 April 30, 2020:  Thornton LLC's Appeal of Notice of Violations

February 20, 2020:  Thornton Shopping Center - 1st Notice of Violations 


Groundbreaking for Thornton's first shopping center

Many people turned out to see the groundbreaking of Thornton's first shopping center, at 88th Avenue and Washington Street. The sign announces that an “ultra-modern shopping center is being erected on this strategic site.” The first stores opened at the Thornton Shopping Center in May 1955, and included Woolworth's and Miller's Market.

a photo of Miller's Market from 1950

Miller’s Market was one of the first businesses to open in the Thornton Shopping Center. This 1950s photo shows Miller's Super Market, located in the new Thornton Shopping Center on Washington Street. The supermarket was the first grocery store to open in Thornton, giving local residents the chance to shop for groceries in their own community for the first time.

Wes Brown was one of Thornton's original residents

Wes Brown, one of Thornton’s original residents, welcomes shoppers at the grand opening of Miller’s Market. It was the first grocery store in Thornton, and was located at the Thornton Shopping Center. Today, one of Thornton’s water treatment plants is named after Wes Brown.