City Manager

City Manager

​The City Manager is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of, the City Council. While City Council is responsible for setting policy for the City of Thornton, the City Manager is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the City, including hiring and supervising City staff.

Thornton's Interim City Manager is Brett Henry. 

Staff in the City Manager's Office develop solutions to community problems and deal with issues such as growth and transportation. They also coordinate intergovernmental agreements with other cities, school districts, regional groups and similar entities.

Divisions in the City Manager's Office

​City Clerk

City records, liquor licensing, election and voter registration, coordinating City Council meeting documentation, and Board and Commission applications.​

Management and Budget Office

The Management and Budget Office is responsible for coordinating the annual budget process, including the operating budget and the capital improvement plan. The division provides policy, budgetary, and organizational development research to support the City Manager, City Council, and management staff. The division coordinates the city's strategic planning process, including the City Council Work Plan and Annual Citizen Survey. The division implements reviews of department levels of service and performs comparative data collection and benchmarking. The division also supports the city's legislative and intergovernmental efforts.

Community Survey

The City of Thornton conducts a community survey every few years. This survey allows residents the opportunity to provide feedback on their quality of life, satisfaction with key city services and on usage of various city amenities. These results help identify areas for improvement that the city should focus its attention on in the future. 

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