Thornton Fire Public Education

The Thornton Fire Department is committed to providing community education programs to the residents in our community. Basic fire safety skills, including what to do when your clothes catch on fire, home escape planning in the event of a fire, and how to report an emergency, are taught to preschool and elementary school-age students.

But that's just the beginning. We build upon that foundation by offering a variety of other programs, targeting audiences from the young child to senior citizens. Some of the programs we offer are: Youth Fire Setting Intervention, Business Fire Safety Workshops, and Station Tours.

School-Based Programs


Youth Fire Setting Intervention

The Thornton Fire Department offers an educational program for Youth Firesetters ages 4 to 18. This program provides an opportunity for the child’s level of firesetting/fire-play to be evaluated through an educational and awareness assessment with the child and at least one parent or guardian. 

The Youth Firesetter Program is free through a parent referral. There is a fee should a child age 10 and over receive a citation for firesetting.  Parent referral's can be completed through one appointment, while two appointments and homework are required for those that receive a citation.

For more information, review the brochure [PDF/1.3MB] or schedule an appointment.

Fire Station Tours

Fire Station Tours are an excellent way to gain first-hand knowledge about life in a fire station and are educational for all groups.  Tours are available to various community groups such as:

  • Preschools
  • School Groups
  • Scout Groups
  • Church Groups

Tours are very educational and generally last one hour. Tours include visiting the firefighter living quarters, viewing fire and medical equipment and discussion of fire and life safety practices.  Visits may be abruptly ended or postponed if personnel must respond to an emergency.

Children must be closely supervised.  There should be at least one adult per five children. Children under the age of four are discouraged from tours since they are often frightened by the excitement and do not understand the tour.

We do ask that a group be arranged for a station tour and encourage young children to visit us at outdoor events such movies and concerts in the parks to come and see the fire engines and medic units in a more relaxed setting.

For your convenience we also have a virtual Fire Station Tour video available to assist with your educational needs or to view at your convenience.

The Thornton Fire Department does not host birthday parties or send fire engines to birthday parties. 

To schedule a tour, please fill out Fire Station Tour request form.  Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance. 

Fire Station Tour Request Form

Community Events

The Thornton Fire Department is available for fire, health and safety public education presentations at community events; however, fire engines and/or medic units attendance is scheduled based on availability.  A two-week advance notice is required to schedule all station tours and public appearance requests. To schedule a visit, fill out the on-line request form. 

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