Infrastructure Right of Way (ROW) Permits

Construction and Traffic Control Permits

Construction permits are required for all projects in City ROW. Traffic Control permits are required when streets, bike lanes, or sidewalks will be blocked.

Permit Applications

Wet Utility Permits

Sewer/water service repair jobs must have a permit from either the Infrastructure Department or the Building Department, not both. If you are unsure if your work will extend into the ROW call 720-977-6210 for assistance.

Sewer supply system with a tube of water.

The Infrastructure Department issues permits to licensed contractors for:

  • Repairs to Thornton utilities that extend from the yard to the ROW and are within City limits.
  • Repairs to the connection point/tap to Thornton utilities that are outside City limits.
  • Chase drains within City limits, excluding Heritage Todd Creek

Typical processing time for this type of permit is one to two business days.

Important Permit Processing Information

  • Permit requests sent via email will not be processed.
  • Applications for original permits, extensions, and renewals must be submitted online. 
    • Original Permit: There is not yet an existing permit for the scope of work at the job site. 
    • Permit Extension: Permit has been expired for thirty (30) days or fewer, and scope of work is not being modified, and traffic control plans are not being modified. Traffic control fees apply. 
    • Permit Renewal: Permit has been expired for thirty-one (31) days or more, or the scope of work and/or contractor performing the work has changed. Construction and traffic control fees apply. 
  • Standard review time is at least fourteen (14) business days, plus an additional two (2) days for processing. 
  • If you are requesting a start date that is fewer than fourteen (14) calendar days away, select the earliest calendar option on the form and include your desired dates in the “Special Conditions” field.   
  • We cannot guarantee that an earlier permit date will be fulfilled, but efforts will be made to honor the dates requested. 
  • Payments submitted after 1:00 p.m. will not be processed until the following business day.   
  • A receipt from our “noreply” email address indicates that payment has been captured, it does not indicate that the permit has been fully processed.   

Supplemental Permit Information

Use these links to learn more about interactive City maps, permitting through other City departments, and City standards.