Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

CDBG Updates:

2022 Annual Action Plan (AAP) and Reallocation of 2021 Funding

To view the 2022 Annual Action Plan please click here: Thornton 2022 AAP Draft 6.22.pdf

The proposed CDBG activities for the $837,776 in 2022 AAP funds and the reallocated $191,114 in 2021 AAP funds consists of: 


Housing Improvement Programs

Help for Homes

Home repair program up to $10,000 per house

PY 2022 funding: $159,500

Prior year funds: $40,500

Total: $200,000

GRID Alternative, Inc.

Rooftop solar panel installations

PY 2022 funding: $100,000

Prior year funds: $66,000

Total: $166,000

Brother's Redevelopment, Inc., Paint-a-Thon

Exterior painting for elderly and disabled residents

PY 2022 funding: $40,000

NEW! Code Assistance Program

Help residents fix exterior code violations

PY 2022 funding: $245,055

Prior year funds: $24,614

Total: $269,668

NEW! CAPABLE Age in Place Program

Minor homes repair to assist elderly residents safely stay in their home

Prior year funds: $60,000


All five home repair programs will address health, safety, accessibility, and energy/water-efficiency activities. 


Public Service Funds

City of Thornton Homeless Outreach Team

Provide homeless prevention and supportive services

PY 2022 funding:  $87,366


Provide emergency rent, mortgage, and utility payments for crime victims

PY 2022 funding:  $38,300

New CDBG Citizen Participation Plan (CPP)

To view the 2022 CDBG Citizen Participation Plan please click here: Citizen Participation Plan Draft 2022.pdf

Public Notice:

Public Notice 2022.jpg

To access the Public Notice in its entirity please click here: Public Notice 2022 AAP - 2021 REallocation and CPP.pdf

Activities that received funding from the 2021 AAP

Administration: $170,198

  • the salary of staff that process required grant paperwork, create reports, and assure compliance with regulations as well as supplies and staff training.

Housing Improvement Programs: $50,000

  • Continuation of the Help for Homes minor home repair program.

Public Facilities & Improvements: $312,029.50Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window)

  • Accessibility improvemet, including sidewalk construction.
  • Park design and engineering.

Public Services: $127,648.50

  • Continuation of the City's Homeless Outreach Team (HOT).