​Men wearing hard hats installing solar panels on the roof of a house.

CDBG Updates:

2024 CDBG Applications 

The City of Thornton is currently accepting applications for the 2024 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding. The application along with supporting documents is due April 12, 2024, at 5:00 pm (MST).

CDBG is a source of funding the City receives annually from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The funds can be used for housing, public facilities, public services, public infrastructure, and economic development activities that benefit the low and moderate-income population in Thornton.

 CDBG might be a good funding source for your agency if:

  • Your agency provides housing programs or constructs or rehabilitates affordable housing; or

  • Your agency has programs that serve Thornton residents or your agency would like to expand services to Thornton residents; or

  • Your agency is considering opening up a branch/office in Thornton or expanding/improving an existing Thornton facility; or

  • Your agency works with economic development-based projects that generate new jobs.

The City highly recommends applicants call the CDBG Coordinator at 720-977-5800 before completing the application to confirm their activities' eligibility. After we receive the applications, they will be reviewed, ranked by staff, and if they are eligible and highly ranked considered for funding in the Annual Action Plan.   Then after public input and consideration, the projects recommended will be presented to the City Council.  If approved by City Council the Annual Action Plan is submitted to HUD.  If HUD approval is received, the funding will be awarded in October 2024 and made available by January 2025.   

For more information on the application process and CDBG-eligible activities, please reference the CDBG Subrecipient Handbook located under the CDBG Resources, to the right of this web page. You can also find the application under the CDBG Resources section, to the right of this web page. Feel free to reach out to city staff for assistance preparing and submitting an application. 

CodeCAP Program Has Started!

In August 2023, the City of Thornton launched a new Code Compliance Assistance Program (CodeCAP) to assist income-eligible Thornton homeowners in fixing city code violations in their yards. The program is federally funded through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and therefore is free to qualified residents. Eligible projects include:

  • Removal of hazardous waste
  • Trash and debris removal, including furniture, appliances, and vehicles.
  • Fence repair or replacement
  • Minor restorative front yard WaterWise landscaping
Not all projects are eligible, and funding is limited. CodeCap is not a lawn mowing or weed removal program, however other resources may be available. For more information and to get an application, contact Community Connections at 720-977-5800 or Housing@ThorntonCO.gov. 

CDBG Project Map

CDBG funds have been used throughout our low -and moderate-income areas in Thornton. Projects may qualify for CDBG assistance if the activity will benefit all the residents of a primarily residential area where at least 51 percent of the residents are low- and moderate-income persons, i.e. area-benefit (LMA).To view the multi-family housing, infrastructure, and public facility improvements that have been completed going back to 2010 CDBG funds, take a look at our map.