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Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) Grant Program

Since 1983, the city of Thornton has provided grant funds to assist nonprofit organizations that help Thornton residents meet their basic needs and enhance their ability to be self-sufficient. Basic needs are identified as food, housing, health and medical, or human services. Nonprofit organizations that help people move from relying on private or public assistance to providing for one's own needs is also eligible for funding. A committee of residents reviews the grant applications and makes a recommendation to City Council.


Thornton Assistance Funds 2019 Reports 

In 2019 the city of Thornton funded 33 organizations with Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) to support nonprofit organizations that help Thornton residents with their basic needs and become self-sufficient.  These organizations are required to report on the number of Thornton residents they served during the year.  Organizations that fail to submit thier report by the deadline are not eligible to apply for the following year.  For more information about the TAF 2019 Report click on the links on the right side of this page under TAF Report Information.

Thornton Assistance Funds - Applications Under Review

Community Connections had a great start to the Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) program.  On Tuesday, February 4 they met with the six TAF Committee Members and reviewed the TAF Charge from Council and received notable direction from our Parks, Recreation and Community Programs Director, Seve Ghose.   The committee received all applications and information on the 41 eligible nonprofit organizations.  They also finalized the interview questions for the upcoming interviews of the nonprofit organizations, which will start on February 18.  For the following 7 weeks, the TAF Committee Members will review the 41 eligible applications, interview the nonprofit organizations, and determine a recommendation for funding to Council.  Of the 41 eligible applications that were submitted, there is $290,698 worth of requests and $150,000 is available for funding.  If you’re interested in reviewing the schedule of which nonprofit organizations will be interviewed, the TAF Interview Schedule is to the right of this webpage.  For additional information you can connect with Tina Kidd by phone at 720-977-5814 or email Connections@thorntonCO.gov.