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Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) Grant Program

Since 1983, the city of Thornton has provided grant funds to assist nonprofit organizations that help Thornton residents meet their basic needs and enhance their ability to be self-sufficient. Basic needs are identified as food, housing, health and medical, or human services. Nonprofit organizations that help people move from relying on private or public assistance to providing for one's own needs is also eligible for funding. A committee of residents reviews the grant applications and makes a recommendation to City Council.


Thornton Assistance Funds 2020 Reports 

In 2020 the city of Thornton funded 33 organizations with Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) to support nonprofit organizations that help Thornton residents with their basic needs and become self-sufficient.  To the right of this page are the 2020 award recipients.  These organizations are required to report on the number of Thornton residents they served during the year.  Organizations that fail to submit thier report by the deadline are not eligible to apply for the following year.  The report is due by 5 p.m. on January 15, 2021.  For more information about how to report and a link to the report click on the TAF Report Guidelines that is on the right of this page, under TAF Report Information.

Thornton Assistance Funds - 2021 Application

Community Connections is now accepting grant applications for the 2021 Thornton Assistance Funds program. The Thornton City Council has approved $150,000 of grant funding for the 2021 Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) program.  We are using a new database that will allow you to create your own account and save your informatin.  When submitting your application you will need to have complete financial reports, and the final number of Thornton residents served in 2020.  To apply you can use the TAF Application Guidelines that is on the right of this page, under TAF Application Information.  Applications are due by 5 p.m. on January 15, 2021.

Members Needed for TAF Grant Committee

The city is looking for residents who are interested in sitting on the TAF grant review committee. If you’re interested in getting a better understanding of community needs and in familiarizing yourself with the local nonprofit organizations that are here to serve those needs the Thornton Assistance Funds Committee is the committee for you. We are specifically looking for members from Ward 1 and Ward 3. Not sure of your Ward, please follow the link [r20.rs6.net].  The committee will meet one night a week in February, March, April and May to evaluate the Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) applications, and present their recommendation to Thornton City Council.  To apply for the committee, residents should complete a city board application.  TAF Committee Applications can be found by clicking on the TAF Committee Application button on the right side of this page, or by contacting the City Clerk's Office at 303-538-7230 or clerk@ThorntonCO.gov. The application deadline has been extended to Tuesday, December 29, 2020.  To apply and for more information, follow the link [r20.rs6.net], email clerk@ThorntonCO.gov or call Thornton City Clerk at 303-538-7230.

For additional information about the Thornton Assistance Funds Program, you can connect with Tina Kidd by phone at 720-977-5814 or email Connections@ThorntonCO.gov.