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Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) Grant Program

Since 1983, the city of Thornton has provided grant funds to assist nonprofit organizations that help Thornton residents meet their basic needs and enhance their ability to be self-sufficient. Basic needs are identified as food, housing, health and medical, or human services. Nonprofit organizations that help people move from relying on private or public assistance to providing for one's own needs is also eligible for funding. A committee of residents reviews the grant applications and makes a recommendation to City Council.


Thornton Assistance Funds 2020 Reports 

In 2020 the city of Thornton funded 33 organizations with Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) to support nonprofit organizations that help Thornton residents with their basic needs and become self-sufficient.  To the right of this page are the 2020 award recipients.  Some of the programs available to help Thornton children that have been abused or neglected receive basic essentials to survive, helping Thornton families that were on the verge of becoming homeless, or Thornton residents that are blind or visually impaired receive audio news and pertinent information on various topics like the COVID-19 pandemic, politics, or other resources that are available.  Thornton residents were also able to receive food from the various food banks and food programs, and healthcare services.  Based on the reports that were submitted on January 15, 2021 these organizations served 83,830 Thornton residents.

Thornton Assistance Funds - 2021 Awards

City Council approved $150,000 in Thornton Assistance Funds for 19 nonprofit organizations that help serve Thornton residents to meet their basic needs, including programs and services related to food, housing, persons with disabilities, at risk youth, COVID response and relief, and education.  The Thornton Assistance Funds Committee interviewed each organization that is working hard fill the needs of our community. This committee passionately debated how these very important funds should be distributed.  To the right of this page is the Resolution for the 2021 award amounts.

2021 TAF Committee Members

Congratulations to the five committee members Council appointed for the 2021 Thornton Assistance Funds program.

2021 TAF Committee Members:

NAME                             WARD / REPRESENTATION

Sarah Craig                      1

Danielle DeSantis             Human Services / Mayoral

Ruth Nester                     2

Geri Lameman                 3

Michael Robbins              4 / Financial

For additional information about the Thornton Assistance Funds Program, you can connect with Tina Kidd by phone at 720-977-5814 or email Connections@ThorntonCO.gov.