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Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

Our Mission: Enhancing lives through connection.

Our Vision: Building a foundation of community empowerment where all in Thornton reach their maximum potential.

If you are in need of assistance, please contact us at 720-977-5800 or at ¡Se habla español! If you would prefer to self-serve, please visit for resources. Thank you!

What's new?

Thornton Community Connections is NOW OPEN.  We are happy to serve you during drop in hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment after hours. You can reach us by phone at 720-977-5800 or email

Healthy Summer Farmer's Markets Are Back

July 13-September 30

Tuesdays at the Anythink Huron, 9417 Huron St. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Thursdays at Anythink Wright Farms, 5877 E. 120th Ave. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

These Healthy Farmer's Markets provides resources and healthy, fresh produce options that are accessible and affordable to all in our community. Attendees can also learn more about cooking and nutrition. Food assistance services like SNAP and WIC are accepted. These Farmer's Markets are hosted in conjunction with city of Thornton, Tri-County Health Department, the American Heart Association and Lulu's Farm. For more information visit

Community Connections Lending Library

Need a laptop or an iPad? We have both available for lending onsite here at 9471 Dorothy Blvd., completely FREE of charge!
We also have books ready for checkout. Our books include topics such as cooking, mental health, maintaining and building credit, English as a second language, and more!
WiFi is available in our building at no cost. To learn more, contact us at 720-977-5800 or

Homeless Outreach Team / HOTline

Our Homeless Outreach Team is out and about rain, shine, or snow!

The city of Thornton's Homeless Outreach Team is a group dedicated to investigating encampments, making contact with Thornton's unhoused population, and providing resources to those experiencing homelessness. The team regularly does outreach, taking to the streets and investigating commonly-inhabited areas in order to provide hygiene items and referrals to shelter, food, and any other needed services. The team is an extension of the Community Connections division, which is the one-stop resource shop for people living in Thornton.

If you would like to report an encampment, get resources to individuals you suspect are without homes, or get more information about the Homeless Outreach Team, please contact our HOTline at 720-977-5900 or email us at

For more information on HOT, visit

Brighton Housing Authority Tech program

This program is available to all Adams County residents who do not have access to a computer device in their homes for their use. Their goal is to increase families' and individuals' access to devices in order for them to attend tele med appointments, complete paperwork, access services, job search, fill out applications, navigate social media, attend meetings for themself or family via different platforms. Many students who are doing remote learning have been given devices to complete online learning, however, these devices are not suitable for the entire household and therefore they want to bridge that gap with this tech program.  They are able to check devices out for short periods of time generally 4-5 days and longer consisting of 4-6 weeks. During this time they do a follow up with the families to determine if they will need the device for a longer period of time.

Visit to fill out a request form.

For more information, contact:

Susana Lopez-Baker, Community Engagement and Outreach Manager

Phone: 303-655-2169


COVID-19 Community Resources: Free counseling, rent, mortgage, utility, food & other assistance is available!

If you are in need of resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit or contact us for more information. 

Outreach Events

If you would like Thornton Community Connections to attend a resource fair or event, please send an email to or call 720-977-5800.

Community Connections:

Please click on the topics below to learn more about each program or initiative.

 Information and Referral to Community Programs

Information and Referral

Community members can call our main number when in need of resources. Connections to information on programs and services in the community, and the Denver Metro Area, are provided by our team.

Any of the community-based resources or service providers listed on the Thornton Cares website (, or to which City staff has provided a referral by email, phone or otherwise, should not be seen as an endorsement or recommendation by the City. Nor can the City guarantee the availability of any such resources or service providers.

 People Experiencing Homelessness

Resources for People Experiencing Homelessness

If you are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless, please click here to view a brochure with resources you may be able to use, or give us a call at 720-977-5800 if you'd like to chat or schedule an appointment to come see us. We believe that asking for help is a sign of strength, and we're here for you.

 Get Involved


The city of Thornton hosts three separate drives:

  • Random Acts of Kindness - This February drive seeks to encourage Thornton community members to embrace the importance of kindness by donating food to local food banks and pet supplies to give to companion pets of local seniors.
  • Food and School Supply Drive - This drive in July and August, just before the start of the back to school season, collects food and school supplies to distribute to local food banks and agencies that distribute school supplies to children and youth in need.
  • Mayor's Holiday Food and Sock Drive - This drive that starts right around Thanksgiving, seeks to distribute food for holiday meals and socks to Thornton's homeless community at a time when they are most needed.
For more information on drives, please contact Community Connections at 720-977-5800.

Perfect Holiday Gift

The Perfect Holiday Gift program pairs generous donors, who donate gifts and meals, with families in need of a little help during the holiday season. Families in need are added by case managers from local agencies. For more information on the Perfect Holiday Gift program, please visit the program website here. If you are interested in volunteering with the Perfect Holiday Gift program, please send an email to Krista Berkey at

Community Gardens

The city of Thornton is home to ten community gardens! All of the Thornton community gardens accept gardeners of all ages and abilities, and they are all open to Thornton residents. Click here for more information.

If you're looking to start a community garden, you may qualify for a water rebate! Click here to apply.

If you have any questions about community gardens or about starting your own garden, contact Community Connections at 720-977-5800 or


 Food Access

If you're hungry in Thornton...

If you're looking for food resources in Thornton please click here for information about local food banks and other food related resources. Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 720-977-5800 for additional assistance.  We want to help.

Farmers' Market

The City of Thornton, in partnership with the Tri-County Health Department, the American Heart Association, and Anythink Libraries, holds a summer farmer's market series at Anythink Huron Street, to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to the neighboring community at an affordable cost. Local artisans and small businesses come to sell their crafts and share information.

WIC, SNAP, and RTD coupons are available for those who qualify!

For more information on the Farmers' Market, please contact Community Connections at 720-977-5800. 

Community Gardens

See the "Get Involved" section above for more information on community gardens.



Alzheimer's Support Group

The City of Thornton coordinates with the Alzheimer's Association to provide monthly support groups for family members of those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or other dementia.

For more information, please call 1.800.272.3900 or visit


 Kinship/Relatives Raising Children

Relatives Raising Children Conference

The Relatives Raising Children conference provides resources, networking opportunities, and information to those raising children not biologically their own.

To learn more about the Relatives Raising Children conference, please contact Community Connections at 720-977-5800.

Kinship Support Groups

Community Connections co-facilitates monthly support groups for relatives raising non-biological children. Childcare and a light breakfast are provided at these support groups.

To learn more about the kinship support groups, please contact Community Connections at 720-977-5800.


 Water Assistance Program

Water Assistance Program

The Thornton Water Assistance Program helps low-income individuals and families struggling to pay their water bill. Thornton Water customers and residents living in apartment complexes, manufactured home parks, condominiums and townhomes that receive water through the City of Thornton can apply for the program once per calendar year. Those who meet the program qualifications will receive a credit on their water account.

For more information, please click here.


 Home Repair Programs

Help for Homes

This City program helps low-income homeowners in Thornton with minor home repairs, including accessibility modifications, plumbing repairs or electrical repairs. For more information, click here or contact Community Connections at 720-977-5800 or