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​About our Processes

The City of Thornton is governed by City Ordinances and Policies that dictate how we procure products and services. For procurements above $5,000, we must solicit quotes, bids, or proposals. As indicated in our solicitation documents, submittal deadlines for Bids or Proposals must be strictly met. Some of our employees have been issued City Procurement Cards for use when making purchases under $5,000.

Cooperative Purchasing

The City of Thornton is committed to cooperative purchasing efforts. We actively participate with the following associations:

City Employees

The City of Thornton prohibits the City from entering into a contract in which a City officer or board member has an interest or that creates a conflict of interest. This may include prohibiting contracts with firms that employ certain relatives of a City officer, board member or employee. Offering firms will be required, to the best of their knowledge, to disclose any family relationships between their employees and City board members, officers, or employees so that an appropriate determination can be made.

W-9 Form

The IRS requires that all Suppliers of goods and services provide a current W-9 Form.

Taxes, Certificates of Insurance, Etc.
The City is exempt from all Federal, State, and Local Tax. Our tax exempt number is 98-02541.

In cases where a Vendor is providing a service on City property, it is usually necessary to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI). In addition, it is usually necessary to name the City, its officers, agents and employees as additional insureds for general liability coverage. The COI must be approved and on file before commencing any work for the City.


The City liquidates all appropriate surplus via public auction, advertised sealed bid, or trade-in. Interested parties may directly contact our auctioneer for material lists and sale dates at www.rollerauction.com.

Gifts and Gratuities

The City requests that your incentives be expressed by providing quality goods and services and competitive pricing. Contracts and Purchasing staff will not accept gifts or gratuities. We appreciate your cooperation.

W-9 & Vendor Forms