Digital Accessibility

The City of Thornton is committed to ensuring that its websites and other digital content are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.  If you require a reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification to access any online materials or other digital information, resources, or services, or if you would like to report inaccessible digital content, please contact Digital Accessibility Team at 303-538-7439 or by email at The City will reply to reports of inaccessible digital content and requests for reasonable accommodations and modifications within three business days of receipt.

Digital Accessibility Plan

The purpose of this Plan is to provide formal guidelines, goals, and timelines related to the City’s efforts to improve digital accessibility throughout the City in accordance and in compliance with the Digital Accessibility Law. The Plan will serve as a means of formal documentation of the procedures and progress of compliance. The Plan will also be incorporated into the City’s overall ADA Transition Plan, which is updated annually. The City is committed to making its websites and digital content accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

Digital Accessibility Plan [PDF/164KB]

Digital Accessibility Progress-To-Date Report

The City of Thornton has taken the following steps toward compliance with the State of Colorado’s digital accessibility law:

  • Established a Technology Accessibility Committee - an interdepartmental committee overseeing and guiding the City’s digital accessibility compliance efforts, as further defined in the Digital Accessibility Transition Plan.
  • Digital Accessibility Transition Plan – Created and posted to the City’s website a Digital Accessibility Transition Plan that provides formal guidelines, goals, and timelines related to the City’s efforts to improve digital accessibility throughout the City in accordance and in compliance with the digital accessibility law. 
  • Technology Accessibility Statement – In accordance with State regulations, posted to the City’s website a digital accessibility statement informing members of the public how to report inaccessible digital content and request a reasonable accommodation or modification. 
  • Thorntonco.Gov Hosting Migration – Migrated the City’s main website to a host site that ensures compliance with the State’s digital accessibility law.
  • Thorntonco.Gov Documentation Website Audit – Completed a digital accessibility audit of the City’s main website, removed outdated/inaccurate information, and began the process of “remediating” documents in active use to help ensure that they are accessible to individuals in the disability community. 
  • Engaged a Remediation Vendor – The City has selected a third-party vendor to assist with auditing documentation on City websites, providing digital accessibility compliance reports, and software to “remediate” documentation that is found to be inaccessible. The vendor will complete remediation when necessary and as directed by the City.
  • City-Wide Training Resources and Site Compliance Tool – The City has purchased and implemented a website auditing program to review websites and provide digital accessibility compliance information. This software also offers a variety of technical training for creating accessible content in a variety of programs (i.e. web content, Adobe, Microsoft Suite).
  • City of Thornton Websites ( domains) –Completed a feasibility study for transferring existing websites to the hosted site. Sites that can’t be moved to the hosted site will be reviewed and updated so all digital content is accessible to individuals in the disability community. Websites that are moved to the new hosted site will be “remediated” during a transition project beginning July of 2024.
  • External Websites that Provide City Services – The City has contacted external website vendors to help ensure their services meet digital accessibility standards and the Technology Accessibility committee is tracking their responses for appropriate follow-up. 
  • City-Wide Training – All current staff are required to complete City-provided digital accessibility training by June 28, 2024, which outlines their roles and responsibilities under the digital accessibility law and identifies digital accessibility resources available to them. New employees will be required to take this training within one month of their hire date.
  • Administrative Directive – The City has created an Administrative Directive (i.e., Citywide policy) outlining compliance requirements for City staff as it relates to the digital accessibility law.
  • Created a Process for requesting redress for inaccessible digital products including contact options that are not dependent on Web Access or Digital Accessibility that is displayed on all front-facing webpages – This process includes the option to request redress for inaccessible digital content via phone or email.
  • Hardware ICT List – Started a catalog of all hardware makes/models the City has and the accessibility features of the devices to help ensure all digital assets are reviewed, prioritized, and updated as necessary to comply with the digital accessibility law.