Public Records Fees

Research and Retrieval

The City of Thornton charges $33.58 per hour for research and retrieval of Records.  The first hour is free of charge.  Any Records request that is estimated to take five (5) or more hours to complete requires a 50 percent non-refundable deposit of the total estimated amount before any additional research and retrieval begins.  Payment of any incurred fees is required prior to the release of Records.


For any in-person inspection of Records, staff supervision is billable at the rate of $33.58 per hour after the first free hour included under Research and Retrieval.

Electronic Records

No charge

Paper Copies

Standard page (8-1/2 x 11):  $.25 per page

Oversize page (over 8-1/2 x 11):  actual cost

Other Materials

Requestors will be charged the actual costs for hardware supplied by the City such as USB drives or CDs.