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​​​​​Licensing & Permits

Average Processing Times 

Liquor Applications
Average Processing Times
Marijuana Applications
Average Processing TimesOther Applications
Average Processing Times
Renewals4 weeks
Renewals5 weeksSound Permits1-2 weeks
New8 weeksNew8-10 weeksAlcohol Permit1-2 weeks
Transfer8 weeksTransfer8 weeks
3 weeks
Modification of Premises5 weeksManager Registration5 weeksCommercial Animal
3 weeks
Special Events Permit8 weeksModification of Premises5 weeksIce Cream Vendor
3 weeks
Change of Corporate Structure5 weeksChange of Corporate Structure8 weeks
3 weeks
Change of Location4 weeksChange of Trade Name1-2 weeksSexually Oriented Business
3 weeks
Change of Trade Name1-2 weeks

Animal Licensing Information

A City License for dogs, cats and pot-bellied pigs is not required. However, animals older than six months of age must still get a rabies vaccination and wear the rabies tag issued by their veterinarian. Pet owners are encouraged to put I.D. tags with the name of their pet and a phone number on their pet’s collar.

If you are trying to locate a lost pet you may follow this link to the Riverdale Animal Shelter & Adoption Center, or contact Thornton Animal Control at 720-977-5250.

Each household may have up to a total of four adult animals, which can include dogs, cats and one Vietnamese potbellied pig. (Animals under three months old from the same litter are not included). Domestic birds, fish, snakes (under six feet) and reptiles that are nonpoisonous and not a health hazard are welcome. If you would like more information on animals, you may follow this link to the Animal Code Section.

Sound/Noise Permits

Sound permits may be obtained if you plan on having amplified sound in connection with an event at a City park or any commercially-zoned location within the City. Sound permits are not issued for residential areas.

Sound permits are issued with the condition that the sound amplifying equipment or device will be operated only between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., only on the dates specified in the permit and, for commercially-zoned locations, in compliance with the noise level standards contained in the following table.


dB(A) During the Day, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

dB(A) During the Night, 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

All Residential Districts



Nonresidential Districts Except Industrial



Industrial Districts



Noise concerns should be reported when the problem is actually occurring. If you are currently being affected by excessive or unreasonable noise, please report it to the Police Dispatch Center at 720-977-5150.

Child Care License

Child Care - Colorado Department of Human Services
If you would like to obtain a Child Care License, please contact Sales Tax at 303-538-7400.

Other Agency License & Permit Information

Birth, Death, Marriage or Divorce Certificates - Colorado Department of Public Health
Driver’s License - State
Marriage License - Adams County
Motor Vehicle - Adams County
Passports - U.S. Department of State


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