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​​​​​Licensing & Permits

Animal Licensing Information

A City License for dogs, cats and pot-bellied pigs is not required. However, animals older than six months of age must still get a rabies vaccination and wear the rabies tag issued by their veterinarian. Pet owners are encouraged to put I.D. tags with the name of their pet and a phone number on their pet’s collar.

If you are trying to locate a lost pet you may follow this link to the Adams County Animal Shelter, or contact Thornton Animal Control at 720-977-5250.

The maximum number of animals per household is a total of three dogs, three cats or one Vietnamese potbellied pig weighing less then seventy (70) pounds. No more than a total of four such animals in any combination will be allowed per residential dwelling. The only exception is if your pet has a litter of dogs or cats and the litter is below the age of three months. If you would like more information on animals, you may follow this link to the Animal Code Section.

Child Care License

Child Care - Colorado Department of Human Services
If you would like to obtain a Child Care License, please contact Sales Tax at 303-538-7400.

Other Agency License & Permit Information

Birth, Death, Marriage or Divorce Certificates - Colorado Department of Public Health
Driver’s License - State
Marriage License - Adams County
Motor Vehicle - Adams County
Passports - U.S. Department of State


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