Marijuana Licensing

Retail or Co-Located Retail/Medical Marijuana Stores

The City Code currently allows one retail or co-located retail/medical marijuana store within each geographic quadrant in the city for a total of four stores. The City of Thornton currently has retail marijuana stores at the following four locations:

  • Columbia Care CO, Inc. dba Medicine Man at 130 W. 84th Avenue (Quadrant 1)
  • Rocky Road Remedies, LLC dba Rocky Road Thornton at 3901 E. 112th Avenue (Quadrant 2)
  • DP Retail 102, LLC dba Green Dragon at 5823 E. 128th Avenue (Quadrant 3)
  • DNS Enterprises LLC dba Skunked at 2683 E. 120th Avenue, Unit B1 (Quadrant 4)

Retail, Medical, or Co-Located Marijuana Testing Facilities

The City Code allows retail, medical, or co-located marijuana testing facilities within Industrial, Business Park, or Employment Center zoning districts with no limit on the number of locations.