city building at dusk

​City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council. This office provides legal advice and representation to the City and performs legal services for the City Council, Boards and Commissions, and the City's administrative staff. The City Attorney's Office also prosecutes violations in the Municipal Court. The City Council or the City Attorney has the authority to retain special legal counsel, which is supervised by the City Attorney, as the need arises.

City Attorney's Office Civil Division / Municipal Prosecutor's Office: 303-538-7210

Defendants, Defense Attorneys, witnesses and all other persons interested in Municipal Court cases may contact the Prosecuting Attorneys at All other inquiries regarding civil matters such as open records, contracts, real estate and claims, may be directed to Attorney@thorntonco.govPlease note that because the City Attorney's Office represents the officials and departments of the City of Thornton, we are not able to give legal advice to private citizens and residents.