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​Representing Thornton​​​​​​​​​

It’s to the city’s benefit for Thornton to have a regional presence. City officials can present future plans for Thornton, and discuss the possibility of sharing resources and pooling expertise. It’s for these reasons that your Thornton City Council representatives serve on local and regional boards. These boards include:

Adams County Regional Economic Partnership (ACREP)

ACREP is a public/private, nonprofit economic development organization. They serve Adams County, its 10 municipalities, more than 10,000 companies and just over a half a million residents. ACREP is working to write the next chapter in the metro-north area by amplifying its unique business story, championing area real estate developments, and focusing on new infrastructure. They empower their members and community leaders to promote and expand economic opportunity in Adams County. 

Kathy Henson, Ward 1
David Acunto, Ward 3 (Alternate) and Karen Bigelow, Mayor Pro Tem-Ward 4 (Alternate)

Adams County Community Transit Policy Council

This Committee will provide policy oversight for the special transit program that was initiated in 2000. 

Jessica Romito, Active Adult Program Manager

Airport Coordinating Committee 

This Committee was established in 1988 through an IGA among Adams County and the cities of Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Westminster and Thornton. The 2004 issues will include cities implementing their airport noise mitigation plans, working with Denver on determining future noise violation requirements, and how to address continuing noise violations of DIA. 

Kathy Henson, Ward 1 and Tony Unrein, Ward 3

Colorado Municipal League (CML) Policy Committee

CML's primary role is to represent cities' interests in the Colorado legislature. In that role, they act to secure the enactment of legislation that will be beneficial to municipalities and oppose legislation that might injure them. The Policy Committee, one of several advisory committees, is responsible for reviewing legislative proposals and recommending to the CML Executive Board positions on a wide variety of legislation affecting municipalities.

Kathy Henson, Ward 1 and Chris Russell, Ward 4

Roberta Ayala, Ward 3 (Alternate)

​Denver Regional Council of Governments

The state-appointed Denver Metro planning organization that joins 49 county and municipal governments to address issues of regional concern such as water resources, transportation, growth, legislative concerns and even services for seniors. 

Justin Martinez, Ward 1
Roberta Ayala, Ward 2 (Alternate) 

​E-470 Authority

The E 470 Public Highway Authority is a political subdivision of the State of Colorado, formed in 1985 to construct and maintain a 46-mile toll highway running generally to the east of I 25. The highway consists of four segments from 120th to I-25. 

Tony Unrein, Ward 3 
Jessica Sandgren, Ward 2 (Alternate)

North I-25 Coalition (Weld County) 

This group works together to take steps to enhance planning and cooperation in the next tier of metropolitan growth, which is outside of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) planning area. 

​Karen Bigelow, Mayor Pro Tem-Ward 4
David Acunto, Ward 3 (Alternate) 

​North Area Transportation Alliance (NATA)

NATA is a partnership of public and private entities in the North I-25 Corridor working to identify, develop, advocate and lobby for transportation solutions that will enhance mobility, drive economic development, and reduce traffic congestion in the north metro area. 

Justin Martinez, Ward 1
Kathy Henson, Ward 1 (Alternate)

Rocky Flats Stewardship Council

The Rocky Flats Stewardship Council was formed in February 2006 and superseded the Rocky Flats Coalition of Local Governments. The Stewardship Council provides ongoing local government and community oversight of the post-closure management of Rocky Flats, the former nuclear weapons plant northwest of Denver. There are ongoing management needs that remain vital to ensuring long-term protection of human health and the environment. 

​Jan Kulmann, Mayor
Brett Henry, Executive Director - Infrastructure (Alternate)

School District 27-J Capital Facilities Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and assist in the development, financing and acquisition of educational facilities and improvements which will benefit the residents of Adams County, Weld County and the cities of Brighton, Commerce City and the Thornton. 

David Acunto, Ward 3