The City of Thornton is in the process of filling a vacancy for City Council Ward 4. The new councilmember will serve until the November 2, 2021 election.

Click below to listen to the January 14, 2020 interviews.

Click here and here to listen to the January 21, 2020 interviews.

Applications of the individuals Council will be considering are below.

Angela Marie BedollaCurtis Edward Kowalski
Dr. Robert E. Bridge Jr. ​Craig Alan Luckey
Michael Scott Grauberger
​Ronnie Joseph Maynes
Richard E GreenRobert Duane Moody III
Jeanette L Hensley​Karen Moritzky Bigelow
Ann Nettie Hogan​Nina M Myers

Below is the process for filling the vacancy which was approved by Council on December 17, 2019:

December 20, 2019Deadline for submitting applications allows at least 30 days for advertising
 Applicants are screened for minimum qualifications by City Clerk (Charter 4.4, Qualifications)
​All applications of applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be published to the website.
January 7, 2020All applications will be given to Council at a Planning Session. Council screens applications and determines who to interview and interview questions.
January 14 and/or 21, 2020Council conducts interviews and provides direction on who to appoint
​Audio of the interviews will be published to the website.
January 28, 2020Meeting to appoint new Councilmember
February 4, 2020Special Meeting to Swear in new Councilmember

To qualify to serve on Council, applicants must:

- be a citizen of the United States
- be at least 25 years of age
- be a resident of the City and Ward for one year
- be registered to vote
- not have been convicted of a felony
- not hold another elected position in government