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​Community Survey

2020 Community Survey: Next Steps

Thornton survey participants identified 10 City service areas in need of improvement.
View the City's plan on improving these service areas.

Thornton residents overwhelmingly approve of the city's direction and key services.

Thornton City Council recently heard the results of a comprehensive survey of city residents conducted in the fall of 2020. The company hired to conduct the survey reported they had a significantly higher level of response from Thornton residents than they usually receive from other communities in the United States. This level of response helps solidify the results and provide an accurate representation of opinions regarding life in Thornton and the services provided by city government.

The full report from the survey can be viewed by clicking this LINK.

View survey presentation below or click here to open full screen.


Some headlines from the report show:

  • 83% of respondents expressing an opinion stated things were going in the right direction in the city. The survey company reports this is a very high number and makes Thornton a leading community when it comes to providing services and creating a great community to live in.

  • Satisfaction ratings for the city of Thornton rated above the U.S. average in 17 of the 24 areas that were assessed. The city of Thornton rated significantly higher than the U.S. average (difference of 5% or more) in 15 of these areas.

  • Public Safety. The highest levels of satisfaction with public safety, based upon the combined percentage of "very satisfied" and "satisfied" responses among residents who had an opinion, were: fire services (86%), police services (78%), and safety of neighborhoods during the day (78%). The public safety service that respondents were least satisfied with was the safety of neighborhoods at night (61%).