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Thornton COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program


Grant submittals are closed. The community selection committee met to score applications. Their recommendation was presented to City Council on October 4, 2022, and all applicants were notified of their status. 

There will be a second round of funding in early 2023, so stay tuned for when that round of funding opens up. 

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The Thornton COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program is designed to help provide financial support for Thornton businesses and nonprofits that support residents that have been impacted by the pandemic with an additional $500,000 in grant funding in 2022 ($100,000 in grants was available to nonprofits earlier in the year, and more than $100,000 is available to start ups via the Business Alliance Center). 

Be a part of the selection committee!

If you are not applying for the grant but would like to be involved in the selection process, apply to be a part of the nonprofit selection commitee or apply to be a part of the business advisory committee to help select awardees via selection criteria approved by Council. 

About this Program

Both grant applications were posted and opened up on June 27, 2022. A copy of the scoring matrix and sample grant agreement are posted as well. The deadline to apply was August 8, 2022. Applications will not be considered after this date. Please submit all applications to; in the subject line, indicate whether your application is for a nonprofit or business and list your business name. If you submit your application early, staff can review your application early for eligibility and provide feedback on the application. 

Thornton's City Council directed staff to explore a Thornton recovery grant program during their Strategic Planning Conference (SPC) in April.

Council approved the program in May with some general guidelines. Business applicants must be businesses located in Thornton that have fewer than 125 employees. Applicants can have a maximum of three locations in Thornton, and they must submit all locations as one application. This includes franchises. This grant program can support a broad range of activities, including but not limited to capital projects and equipment, hiring and retention such as payroll expenses if one-time costs or can be self-sustaining in the future, marketing, technology, etc.

Ineligible businesses include marijuana related businesses, businesses that practice predatory lending, multi-level marketing businesses, speculation-based businesses (gambling included), and businesses primarily engaged in political or lobbying activities.