Are you a small business looking for funding assistance? Recovery grant program for small businesses and nonprofits.

Thornton Recovery Grant Program


For the Recovery Grant, there were three rounds of the program. The first one was in 2022. For the nonprofits, there were 20 applicants who applied for a total of 655,212 in funding. They included food banks, healthcare nonprofits, housing services, victim support services, and more. Funding went to 16 nonprofits, totaling $201,579. 

  • $50,000 to Almost Home, Inc. for their Homeless Prevention Program
  • $27,579 to Growing Home for keeping families stably housed
  • $20,000 to Food for Hope for feeding families and children through school food bags and snacks 
  • $15,000 to A Precious Child for food to families and infants
  • $12,500 to Benefits in Action for food delivery to older adults
  • $11,500 to 9Health:365 for community health fairs to conduct screenings and vaccinations for low-income residents
  • $11,000 for Kind Smiles for equipment to serve more children
  • $10,000 to Adams County Food Bank for food purchases and program staff
  • $10,000 to Good Shepperd Food Bank for food purchases
  • $5,000 to Senior Hub for holiday meal boxes
  • $5,000 to Shiloh House for facility improvements 
  • $5,000 to Ralston House for staffing that provides pediatric medical services to victims

Mini grants

  • $5,000 to There with Care for rent/mortgage assistance
  • $5,000 to Pennock Center for Counseling for mental health services
  • $5,000 to CASA for improving staff retention
  • $4,000 to Center for People with Disabilities for staff training

For the first round and business applicants, 36 businesses applied for a little over a million ($1,027,282) and 33 businesses were awarded $444,104. Some businesses did not accept their full award and so their amounts were modified below. 

  • $58,500 to Satire Brewing for a kegerator, canning machine, and boiler
  • $32,500 to Mother Tucker Brewery for replacing their refrigeration and beer dispensing systems
  • $30,000 to Scudder Press to replace their creaser/folder equipment
  • $24,000 to Shine Orthodontics for digital workflow equipment
  • $22,000 to Salus Thornton for building and playground maintenance
  • $20,000 to Marie's Taqueria for building out their bar
  • $19,500 to Intrepid Bodyworks for location expansion
  • $18,925 to Healthy Spine Chiropractic for a new Pulsar system
  • $17,500 to Tool Zone for a training center that will also support other employers in the area
  • $15,000 to Glacier Car & Dog Wash
  • $12,828 to Brewskis for parking lot improvements
  • $12,000 to American Nails to replace their water heater and A/C
  • $11,308 to DOVI Enterprise for a vinyl printer
  • $10,000 to Goddard School for building maintenance
  • $10,000 to Rockstar Beauty for building improvements and liquor license application
  • $7,000 to Visionary Branding for a laptop and one-time software
  • $5,000 to Peak Martial Arts for marketing
  • $6,785 to OTM Skin for equipment
  • $4,311 to Madrid Acupuncture for office upgrades and hiring bonus
  • $3,800 to Ava's by Eternity for signage and trade show booths
  • $3,000 to BuildSafe Environmental for staff certification and recruiting
  • $2,500 to E-Broidery for replacement equipment

Mini grants

  • $10,000 to American Liquor Mart Inc. for their cooler and flooring
  • $10,000 to Ararat Liquor for their roofing project
  • $10,000 to Las Palmas for their carpet replacement and A/C
  • $10,000 to Trusted Accounting & Tax Services for office equipment and retention bonuses
  • $7,500 to Plentea for building improvements and marketing
  • $7,000 to Empowered Living for branding and web design
  • $6,400 to TCBY Frozen Yogurt for their lighting system and retention bonuses
  • $5,200 to Travieso Clothing Company for their printing press and embroidery machine
  • $5,150 to Alternative Bakery for marketing, equipment, and holiday help
  • $1,397 to Macaroni Kid for a marketing campaign and training

In the second round of the recovery grant in early 2023, the city received 4 nonprofit applications totaling $116,000 in requests and they were awarded their full asks. There were 8 business applicants with $172,259 in requests. 8 businesses were awarded $162,758:


  • $5,000 for CASA's Truancy Advocate Program
  • $16,000 for Food for Hope's facility improvements & holiday meal box support
  • $85,000 for ACCESS Housing of Adams County's Homelessness Prevention Program
  • $10,000 for Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation's Essential Needs Program


  • $11,500 for new computer equipment (computer, monitor, camera, printer) at Cmart Visuals
  • $7,700 for marketing and a new computer at Healthy Spine Chiropractic                    
  • $30,000 for LED lights and restriping the parking lot at Huron 92nd Center LLC
  • $30,000 for laundromat equipment at Mcarwash & Huron Laundry
  • $7,614 for supplies, marketing, and online charting software at Madrid Acupuncture
  • $30,000 for a van and a marketing campaign at Peak Martial Arts
  • $15,944 for volleyball equipment at Prime Volleyball Academy
  • $30,000 for equipment (shockwave unit, blood flow restriction unit) for UNITE LLC
In the third round of the grant, which opened up mid 2023, there were 31 nonprofit applicants. The awardees are below, and two additional awardees will be considered during the December 19, 2023 Council Meeting. 

  • $2,000 towards the Young Artists Alliance's Young Artists Festival
  • $2,000 for program support at Special Olympics Colorado
  • $4,000 towards CASA's volunteer program's background checks
  • $7,000 towards Pennock Center's counseling program and some equipment
  • $7,000 for Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center's hydrotherapy program
  • $9,000 towards Adam County Food Bank's emergency food supplies
  • $9,000 towards Good Shepherd Food Bank's food pantry program
  • $9,000 towards Community Resources & Housing Development Corp's Homeownership Center's education program
  • $10,000 for Intervention Inc's lifeline to safety program
  • $10,000 to There with Care's rent/mortgage assistance program
  • $10,000 to Thrive Church Food Bank's freezer and hand truck
  • $10,000 to Food Bank of the Rockies's hunger relief program
  • $10,000 towards Precious Child's program's goods
  • $10,000 towards Growing Home's Food Pantry Program
  • $16,000 for Good Shepherd Church's HVAC repairs
  • $16,248 for Reaching Hope's completion of their new offices
  • $16,555 for Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County's classroom learning materials, family support, and family care packages
  • $18,500 for Center for People with Disabilities' facility improvements to make the space ADA accessible
  • $20,000 towards Senior Hub's food pantry and Meals on Wheels programming
  • $21,000 towards Neighborhood Outreach of Colorado's food bank and outreach
  • $25,000 towards Family Tree's database software program to create greater efficiencies
  • $25,000 towards Five Star Education Foundation's FutureForward Washington Square diesel truck
  • $25,000 to Kids in Need of Dentistry's pilot program of a registered dental hygienist in Thornton schools
  • $33,030 towards Almost Home's Homelessness Prevention Program
  • $38,614 for Joyful Journeys' equipment to increase capacity
  • $40,000 for Maiker Housing's Family and Community Vitality Program
  • $42,000 towards Brothers Redevelopment's rent and utility assistance programs
  • $45,000 ACCESS Housing's Homelessness Prevention Program

There were 26 applicants with $505,802 in requests for businesses. 18 businesses were awarded:

  • $2,854 for a washer and dryer at Madrid Acupuncture
  • $3,562 for a new computer at JNJ Comics
  • $5,000 for office equipment (desks, file storage cabinets, monitors, printer) at YTD Bookkeeping Service
  • $6,472 for creation of FDA-compliant packaging at Cassavaberry
  • $6,580 for power tools (cutter kit, demolition hammer, etc.) for Xalos Concrete
  • $7,592 for new camera equipment at Cmart Visuals
  • $7,779 for a new computer, iPad, and laptop at OTM Skin
  • $10,000 for equipment and work to serve coffee and drinks at La Belle French Bakery
  • $10,000 for facility improvements and yoga equipment at Haute Yoga Colorado
  • $12,813 for a new ice machine at Trujilo/Crystal Clear Water & Ice
  • $15,000 for a CNC machine at H Frame Custom Framing & Art
  • $17,500 for equipment at A Cake Occasion
  • $17,065 for renovations at Garland Barber Shop
  • $25,000 towards carpet replacement at the Holiday Inn Express (12030 Grant St)
  • $30,000 towards a laser hair removal machine at Artistry Aesthetics
  • $30,000 towards a vehicle for field trips at Childcare Fun for Kids
  • $30,000 towards renovations at GIS Insurance
  • $30,000 towards parking lot repairs at La Botana Mexican Restaurant

About this Program

The Thornton Recovery Grant Program is designed to help provide financial support for Thornton businesses and nonprofits that support residents that have been impacted by the pandemic. It first launched in 2022, and awarded $645,683 to 16 nonprofits and 33 businesses. In the second round in 2023, $278,758 was awarded to 8 businesses and 4 nonprofits. The third and final round was open from July 19 to September 20, 2023. More than $700k was available in this final round. 

Thornton's City Council directed staff to explore a Thornton recovery grant program during their Strategic Planning Conference (SPC) in April. Council approved the program in May with some general guidelines. Business applicants must be businesses located in Thornton that have fewer than 125 employees. Applicants can have a maximum of three locations in Thornton, and they must submit all locations as one application. This includes franchises. This grant program can support a broad range of activities, including but not limited to capital projects and equipment, hiring and retention such as payroll expenses if one-time costs or can be self-sustaining in the future, marketing, technology, etc.

In 2022, grant applications were posted and opened up on June 27, 2022. The deadline to apply was August 8, 2022. In 2023, grant applications were posted and opened up on February 17, 2023. The deadline to apply was April 7, 2023.

Ineligible businesses include marijuana related businesses, businesses that practice predatory lending, multi-level marketing businesses, speculation-based businesses (gambling included), and businesses primarily engaged in political or lobbying activities.