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Metropolitan District Application Information

Applicants requesting City approval of a service plan or intergovernmental agreement are required to use the City's current model service plan and intergovernmental agreement forms. Additionally, applicants shall submit all other required application information and fees as outlined in the application instructions. 

Application Information and Forms

Application Deadlines

Each year, applications are due by:

November 1st for May elections

May 1st for November elections 

Applications received after these deadline dates may not be reviewed in time for the specified election. Contact the City Development Department at 303.538.7295 for questions.

Metro District Changes Adopted in 2021

On October 12, 2021, City Council adopted an ordinance amending the City's model service plan, model intergovernmental agreement, and Chapter 66 of the City Code for metropolitan districts ('metro districts'). The changes are intended to: 1) ensure homeowners are adequately informed about metro districts and tax obligations; 2) set limitations to protect homeowners from excessive tax burdens; and 3) ensure metro districts remain a viable tool for developers to fund necessary and required infrastructure and services.

Current Metro District Model Forms