​Neighborhood Preservation Information

Garage Sales

Garage Sale Sign HolderHosting a garage or yard sale is a fun way to clear out unwanted household items and allow them to have a new life with a different family.  Residents may choose to organize a single-family garage sale or invite additional families for a neighborhood yard sale.  Garage or yard sales must follow the City Code: 

  • Garage or yard sales are allowed in all residential areas in the city. 
  • Each sale may last no longer than three consecutive days.
  • Each residence is limited to four garage sales within a 12-month period.  

Your HOA or manufactured home park may have regulations or guidelines on yard or garage sales as well.  Contact the property manager of the subdivision or park to learn more about those guidelines.  

Signs Advertising Yard Sales: These types of signs are called temporary signs. To learn the allowed sizes of temporary signs and where and when these signs can be placed visit our webpage on temporary signage.  

Yard Sale Tips:

  • Plan out the event. About two to three weeks in advance, begin gathering the items you will sell, designate responsibilities among participants, and begin making signs.  Also, consider what you will do with unsold merchandise after your sale. If you plan to donate unsold items to a local charity or nonprofit, contact the organization beforehand to see which items will be accepted.  If you would like to dispose of large items, visit the Trash & Recyling page under the Services menu to learn about the City's special collection service.
  • Team up! Neighborhood yard sales or multiple family sales draw more traffic. 
  • Advertise effectively. Post signs that can be read easily. Newspaper and online ads are also great sources to use.
  • Think like a customer. Is the sale inviting and easy to browse through? Are things clearly marked? Are items priced to sell? Make sure your garage sale is set up like one you would want to attend.
  • Don't forget the lemonade! Refreshments such as lemonade, juice, or coffee help people feel invited and they may browse longer.