civic center park in Thornton, Colorado

City Development

Promote quality development that creates a safe, balanced community for living, working and playing.  Maintain and improve the living environment for the citizens of Thornton. 

2024 NEWSThe City is undergoing a major rewrite of the Development Code. A link to the project website is available under the Featured Links.

Long Range Planning

Information and services around the City's long-range planning, including population and demographic information, the Thornton Comprehensive Plan, North Washington Subarea Plan, Eastlake Subarea Plan, Thornton Transportation and Mobility Master Plan, Station Area Master Plans, and more.


Mapping information and data analysis involving the City’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) used to assist City staff in making informed decisions about our community.

Development Services

Development Services’ goal is to make every effort to preserve quality and assure that safe measures are employed whether you are looking to develop land, repair a sewer line, or even build a deck.  We aim to assist you in accomplishing your goals in a timely manner while protecting the best interests of the community.

We have implemented new services that improve our communication and transaction from start to finish. See our Development Review Guide for a preview of things to come. Development Services is also improving our existing services by measuring our progress and applying methods for improvement. We will be gathering feedback  directly from users involved in our process and utilizing it to follow through with our commitment to you. See our Development Services Feedback Form for more details.

Current Planning & Zoning: Information and services around current development, including annexation, zoning and rezoning, subdivision, etc.

Development Engineering: Information and services around plan reviews, inspections, and permitting for infrastructure for both commercial and residential.

Landscape Architecture: Landscaping requirements and helpful handouts to aid in yard and construction projects.

Building Inspection: Information on licenses, permits, building guides, advisories, and more.

Active Development: City Development resources for learning about active development throughout the City of Thornton.