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Development Code Amendments and Other Projects

Development Code Amendments

The City of Thornton Development Code is a regulatory document, which guides development within the City.  In order to ensure the Development Code changes as the City's needs evolve, amendments are necessary.  These amendments are generally initiated by City of Thornton Staff and are reviewed and adopted by City Council through a public hearing process.  This page provides information on all active Development Code amendments. 

Metropolitan Districts ("Metro Districts") Application Changes 

Metropolitan districts are separate entities from the city, however the City of Thornton is required per Colorado state law to approve a service plan for a proposed metropolitan district prior to the district being formed at an organizational election. Thornton's requirements for metro districts are outlined in Chapter 66 of the Thornton City Code. The City also requires the use of model service plan and model intergovernmental agreement forms for metro districts. Information on changes to these requirements actively being considered by the City are linked on the right side of this page.

Artificial Turf Code Amendments

Artificial turf (grass) is a manufactured substitute for organic turf, lawn, or sod that effectively simulates the appearance of a well-maintained lawn. Thornton's current regulations limit artificial turf installations to rear yards and to side yards that are not publically viewable, subject to specific materials, buffering, installation, slope restrictions, general appearance, and maintenance requirements. A permit is required. The current City Code requirements are available at this link: Section 18-542 Artificial Turf.

The city of Thornton is exploring possible changes to the current City Code that would allow artificial turf to be installed in residential front yards. Any front yard installations, if authorized, would be subject to the same materials and other requirements as currently exist for rear and side yards.

UPDATE:  City Council discussed this item at a Council Update meeting on August 24, 2021. Council received the results of the resident and homeowners' associations surveys as part of the background for their discussion, along with a draft of the proposed Code amendments. After discussion, there was no consensus to take further action on this topic at this time. No formal changes to the City Code are currently scheduled for Councils' consideration.