Fast Friday Permits

While you wait permits for those “DIY” projects

  • Decks, Patio Covers, Sheds, Basement Finish, and some fences (see restrictions).

  • Available from 8 AM to 4 PM on Fridays only.

  • Apply through the portal.

  • Only complete applications will be processed as "Fast Friday." If incomplete the application will be processed at the typical review time.

What you need to have available for your Fast Friday permit

  • A Completed Application is required for all projects.

  • For exterior projects such as decks, patio covers, sheds and fences, a site plan of your home is also required. The site plan must include the location and size of your project and the distances to your property line. 

  • For exterior projects such as decks, patio covers and sheds, send in a completed building guide with all applicable items filled in.

  • For proposed fence projects, site plans must show the type of material, height, location and length of the proposed fence. See the Fence Design Standards. 

  • Site plans may be made from the survey you received when you purchased your home or contact the Building Inspection office for other methods of providing a site plan. 

  • For deck, patio cover and shed projects, drawings showing the framing and foundation are required. Please refer to the Building Guides Information for more details on these plans. 

  • Applicable fees will be due and payable at the time of permit issuance.  

  • Fast Friday” permits will be reviewed within the same business day. Notification will be sent by email.


  • All exterior structure projects greater than 480 square feet requires a Minor Development Permit and cannot be processed as a Fast Friday permit.

  • The Building Inspection Division reserves the right to not issue “Fast Friday” permits if staff finds unusual circumstances.

  • Typical review time for residential permits that do not qualify as a “Fast Friday” permit is five working days.

  • Fences that are located adjacent to streets (exterior lots) or on the perimeter of a subdivision are not eligible for Fast Friday permits. Fences on shared private property lines (on interior lots) are typically accepted as Fast Friday permits.