112th Avenue Station Area Master Plan

Station Area Master Plan ("STAMP") Project Background

The city of Thornton began working with the city of Northglenn and the consulting firm Leese & Associates on the 112th Avenue Station Area Master Plan in July 2015. The purpose of this project was to plan for transit-oriented development near the Northglenn at 112th FasTracks Station.  The station is located in Northglenn, however much of the vacant land near the station falls within Thornton's jurisdiction to the east of York Street. The project was initiated to capitalize on opportunities that FasTracks commuter rail service will bring to the communities of Thornton and Northglenn, and to help facilitate the transformation of the station area into a vibrant, walkable community with convenient train access.  The Station Area Master Plan is funded in part through federal Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) funds awarded to the city of Northglenn.

112th Avenue Station Area Master Plan

The Plan provides a vision and planning framework for future private development and public investment. This Plan will serve as a blueprint for policy, regulatory and investment decisions needed to make transit-oriented development (TOD) in the station area a reality. The Plan establishes a flexible framework for private investment in development and redevelopment, while providing appropriate guidance related to the types of land uses, transportation infrastructure and station area amenities desired by the community.      

Planning Process

The planning process for the 112th Avenue STAMP included data analysis, stakeholder interviews, infrastructure evaluation, market analysis, existing conditions analysis, strategic mobility planning, and development of land use concepts.  Involving community members and key stakeholders in the planning process was an important part of developing the Plan.  Two community meetings were held to gain input on different phases of the project.  An initial draft of the Plan was completed in November 2016 and made available for public review and comment throughout December 2016. The final Plan was adopted by Thornton City Council at a public hearing on February 28, 2017. The final Plan can be downloaded on the right side of this page.