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Eastlake Streetscape Conceptual Plan

Project Background

The Eastlake Streetscape Conceptual Plan carries out a number of implementation strategies contained within the 2015 Eastlake Station Area Master Plan (STAMP) and 2017 Eastlake Subarea Plan. The goal of the Streetscape Plan is to enhance the accessibility, walkability and streetscape ambiance of Old Town Eastlake and therefore encourage economic vitality by guiding development and investment in the area.

This project develops streetscape plans for Lake Avenue, the east side of First Street, and York Avenue from 124th Avenue to Birch Street. The intent is to provide conceptual plans that facilitate the transformation of the transportation network into a livable complete streets concept. The Plan will include conceptual level costs for future implementation projects and conceptual designs that include landscaping, streetscaping, and streets and sidewalks that are Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. 

Project Area

The project focus is on Lake Avenue, the east side of First Street, and York Avenue from 124th Avenue to Birch Street. This project does not include the residential streets of Eastlake. A map of the project area is available in the 'Project Resources' links.

Project Funding

This plan is financed by the Denver Regional Council of Government's "Community Mobility Planning and Implementation (CMPI)" set-aside funding from the 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Currently, no funds have been set aside for implementation or construction of the plan recommendations.

Project Outcomes

 It is anticipated that the creation of an Eastlake Streetscape Conceptual Plan will result in the following outcomes:

  • A prioritized and phased concept plan for infrastructure improvements.

  • Identification of an efficient, safe, and comfortable multimodal network connecting Old Town Eastlake to the adjoining rail station, surrounding neighborhoods, and the city's transportation network.

  • Stimulation of area reinvestment, promotion of private development, and a guide for public development.

  • Recognition of Eastlake's historic character to help create a unique sense of place.

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Eastlake Streetscape Conceptual Plan
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