Eastlake area farmland

​Area Plans​​​​​​​

Certain parts of the city require detailed plans where unique challenges and opportunities are examined within a specific geographic area. As directed by City Council, Policy Planning develops subarea plans addressing specific areas in more detail than the Comprehensive Plan, with its "big picture" perspective. These detailed plans often incorporate a vision for future land use, growth and development, and serve as the guiding documents for positive change in that area.

In addition to Policy Planning, the Office of Economic Development produces area plans with specific economic content such as urban renewal plans.

Ongoing 2022 Projects

The city is currently working on the Eastlake Streetscape Conceptual Plan. Starting late summer 2021, the city will be drafting a new nonresidential zone district and overlay service district for the nonresidential area of Eastlake. Please click on the project links for more information.