Eastlake area farmland

​Thornton Area Plans​​​​​​​

Certain parts of the city require detailed plans where unique challenges and opportunities are examined within a specific geographic area. As directed by City Council, Long Range Planning develops subarea plans addressing specific areas in more detail than the Comprehensive Plan, with its "big picture" perspective. These detailed plans often incorporate a vision for future land use, growth and development, and serve as the guiding documents for positive change in that area.

In addition to Long Range Planning, the Office of Economic Development produces area plans with specific economic content such as urban renewal plans.

Thornton Functional Plans - Master, Strategic, & Other Plans

Master plans serve as more detailed, functional documents designed to supplement specific topics addressed in the Thornton Comprehensive Plan such as transportation, or parks and open space.  

Long Range Planning partners with other City departments to prepare or assist in the development of these plans.  These plans seek to articulate the goals set by the Comprehensive Plan and provide more detailed implementation strategies. Plans available for review on the webpage link below under the link group titled "Thornton Functional Plans - Master, Strategic, & Other Plans" include the Parks & Open Space Master Plan, Transportation and Mobility Master Plan, Utility and Water & Wastewater Systems Master Plan, and Housing Needs Assessment. 

Station Area Master Plans (STAMP)

The City has a area plan, or Station Area Master Plan, for each of the three operating N Line stations in Thornton, as well as a master plan for land around the station in Northglenn:

  • The 'Original Thornton at 88th Station Area Master Plan' was adopted on January 13, 2015 and focuses on the area around the future station at 88th Avenue and Welby Road.

  • The 'Thornton Crossroads at 104th Station Area Master Plan' was adopted on January 13, 2015 and focuses on the area around the future station at 104th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. 

  • The '2015 Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan' was adopted on October 27, 2015 as an update to the 2009 plan. The plan focuses on the future commuter rail station located near 124th Avenue and Claude Court.

  • The '112th Avenue Station Area Master Plan' was adopted by Thornton City Council on February 28, 2017.  This plan was a joint effort between the cities of Northglenn and Thornton. The plan focuses on development around the future Northglenn at 112th Station.  

Eastlake Plans

The town of Eastlake was originally settled as a railway village more than 100 years ago and incorporated into Thornton in 1990. In 2003 Council adopted a Subarea Plan for Eastlake and the development code was amended to reflect the recommendations of that plan. Since 2003 updates to the plan have occurred, the current end-of-line station for the RTD North Metro Line was completed, a Station Area Master Plan was adopted and several other planning projects have happened.  Below in the link group titled "Eastlake Plans" are links to the City of Thornton's various active plans and conceptual planning projects for Eastlake can be found. 

Urban Renewal Plans

The Thornton Development Authority (TDA), created in 1981, is an urban renewal authority (URA) whose purpose is to remove blight and promote the revitalization of Thornton. TDA promotes economic vitality by using tax increment financing (TIF) to spur redevelopment activities that would otherwise not occur. Below in the link group titled "Urban Renewal Plans" are links to the City of Thornton's various plans for specific urban renewal areas. The TDA is comprised of City Council members and currently manages three URA plan areas, each of which run for a 25-year term