​Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan (2015)


Thornton City Council adopted the 'Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan’ on October 27, 2015. City Council approved the original Eastlake Station Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan in February 2009 and since then, conditions and circumstances have changed with the opening of the RTD N Line and the Eastlake at 124th Station. The road alignment in the area has changed and this station is currently functioning as the  end of line station which was not previously taken into account. Therefore, this master plan needed to be updated. An Open Lands Plan was incorporated into this update to develop concepts for the use of the Thornton owned historic open lands located north of the future station including the Eastlake Farms Cooperative Grain Elevator, caboose, hair salon building and land paralleling the tracks north to 128th Avenue, click on the link to the right 'Eastlake Station Area Map'.

Planning Process 

Policy Planning staff worked with a consultant to update the 2009 Eastlake Station Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan to reflect current conditions. The planning processes included data collection and analysis, which generated alternative land use scenarios for the Eastlake station area, noted in pink in the map image to the left. The preferred alternative is outlined in the adopted 2015 Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan.

Adoption of the Plan 

Thornton City Council adopted the 'Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan’ on October 27, 2015. The plan is intended to provide a vision and planning framework for development around the commuter rail station located near 124th Avenue and Claude Court. Click here for the adopted Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan or see the links at the right hand side of the page.


***If you would like more information about this project, please contact the Policy Planning Division at 303-538-7295.***


Eastlake was originally settled as a railway townEastlake fields and grain elevator.jpg and officially platted in 1911. In 1990 Eastlake residents voted to annex into Thornton which allowed them to connect to the city's sewer service. Thornton purchased the Eastlake Open Lands area from Union Pacific Railroad in 2001 and the grain elevator and other buildings from Lee Carlson in 2002. The southern portion of the land alongside the railway line was quitclaimed to RTD in 2014 for the purpose of inclusion into the North Metro Line Eastlake at 124th Station plan area.

The Farmer's Co-Operative Grain Elevator located on the Eastlake Open Lands was constructed in 1920. The grain elevator was one of two that served many of the farm families who are well known within the Thornton community, including the Lambertsons, Stonehockers, and Brammings, to name a few. The Grain Elevator was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010.

In November 2013, the RTD Board approved a contract award to Regional Rail Partners (RRP) formerly known as Graham, Balfour Beatty, Hamon Constructors (GBBH) to build the North Metro Rail line to Eastlake at the 124th station. The N Line opened to passenger service in September 2020.

The original Eastlake Station Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan Report was adopted by City Council on February 24, 2009.  

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