Parking Management Studies

Old Town Eastlake will face parking challenges as private and public investment increases parking demand in the area. To address these challenges there was a parking study completed for Eastlake. The first phase of the study, Eastlake Parking Management Study, Phase I, concentrated on the immediate parking mitigation to protect businesses and residences from overflow RTD parking. The first phase study recommends restricting the use of on-street parking to businesses and residences and prohibiting all-day, on-street parking by RTD patrons. The second phase, Eastlake Parking Management Study, Phase II, concentrates on future parking demand and possible solutions to accommodate parking needs for future redevelopment. The study’s conclusion is that in the future there will need to be additional parking provided in Old Town Eastlake. Currently 70 percent of future parking needed is available with on-street and off-street parking when compared to the future buildout of allowable uses in the mixed use areas along Lake Avenue and along First Street.

Both Parking Management Studies are included in the Eastlake Subarea Plan document as Appendices 3 and 4. This plan was approved by City Council at a Public Hearing on February 28, 2017 and a link to the agenda and staff report including the draft document is on the right hand side of this page.  Direct links to each study as approved have also been provided. Please also see the Eastlake Subarea Plan (2017 Update) webpage for a copy of the Subarea Plan document and additional information.

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