eastlake station tracks

​Eastlake Station Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan

​The purpose of the Eastlake Station Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan is to provide guidance on future  development surrounding the 124th Avenue/Eastlake Station, a proposed transit stop along RTD’s North Metro Line, an 18-mile commuter rail corridor that extends from Denver’s Union Station north to 162nd Avenue. 

***This plan was superseded by the 2015 Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan***

2009 Planning Process

Eastlake Station TOD Master Plan CoverThe original planning process for this Plan took place in 2009. Over a six-month period, a team consisting of Policy Planning staff and consultants, analyzed the physical context of the area and defined a study boundary; interviewed stakeholders about their needs and concerns; facilitated community conversation, obtaining resident’s values and objectives; conducted a community walking audit; and engaged in an interactive three-day community design charrette to develop new physical and regulatory concepts for the Eastlake station area.

The final plan was adopted by City Council on February 24, 2009 to help ensure that new development in the Eastlake Station area functions well as a transit stop area and fits with the surrounding area. This plan works in conjunction with the Eastlake Subarea Plan which focuses on the existing historic Eastlake area to the west of the tracks.

2015 Plan Update

Thornton City Council adopted the 2015 updated of the 'Eastlake at 124th Station Area Master Plan’ on October 27, 2015. The plan provides a vision and planning framework for development around the future commuter rail station located near 124th Avenue and Claude Court.

Areas and Maps

The Eastlake Station TOD Master Plan focuses on the areas immediately surrounding the proposed station, in particular the vacant land around the station, and the connections to the station. The project boundaries include vacant and improved land between 120th Avenue and 128th Avenue, Washington Street, and the historic Eastlake neighborhood.

Plan Objectives

The main objectives of the Eastlake Station TOD Master Plan are as follows:

  • Create a community-based vision for the area influenced by the station.
  • Document the economic opportunities surrounding the station.
  • Guide RTD in determining the station’s final location and configuration in order to support the community’s vision and meet the station’s functional requirements.
  • Outline specific land uses and infrastructure sections so that the City of Thornton and RTD can ensure the station is successfully integrated with its surrounding neighborhoods.