a collage of old houses, building structures, railroad tracks, and crops from Eastlake​Eastlake Linkage Design Principles


The town of Eastlake was originally settled as a railway village about 100 years ago and incorporated into Thornton in 1990.  Since then, there have been many changes that affect Eastlake and the surrounding area. The most important of these is the location of the Eastlake at 124th transit station, which is a transit stop on the North Metro Line, planned to open in 2018.

The Eastlake Linkage Design Principles were developed to provide a way to reflect the history and character Eastlake. These Linkage Principles identify common materials and visual clues that reflect Eastlake's heritage and identity. The Design Principles visually link the two sides of the railway tracks so that the Eastlake area can be viewed as a cohesive whole.

Boards illustrating the Linkage Principles were displayed at a community meeting held on April 28, 2016. For more detail, please see the links to the community meeting display boards on the right side of this page. 

The Linkage Principles are included in the Eastlake Subarea document as Appendix 2.  The Principles were approved by City Council at a Public Hearing on February 28, 2017 as part of the Subarea Plan. A link to the agenda and staff report including the document is on the right hand side of this page. Please also see the 2017 Eastlake Subarea Plan webpage for a copy of the document and additional information. 

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Approved Eastlake Linkage Design Principles
April 28th Eastlake Community Meeting Boards