South Thornton Revitalization Subarea Plan (STaR)​​Millers Market

The Thornton Revitalization Advisory Board (TRAB) and the City Development Department completed a revitalization planning process focused on invigorating the southern portion of Thornton. The results of this planning effort are available in the South Thornton Revitalization Subarea (STaR) Plan designed to inform future revitalization efforts in south Thornton. The Plan was approved by City Council on August 23, 2011. 

Project Area

The project area falls within the southwestern most portion of the City and is bound by Thornton Parkway to the north, the Union Pacific railroad line to the east, and the City boundary to the south and west.

Plan Goals as identified by TRAB

  • Goal A: Create more appropriate retail and reduce the number of vacant buildings.
  • Goal B: Capitalize on the strengths and unique regional character of the area
  • Goal C: Improve physical conditions of the area.
  • Goal D: Increase the buying power of the neighborhood by inspiring residents to improve their existing homes and neighborhoods.
  • Goal E: Enhance access between and within the east and west sides of south Thornton.

landscape view of Thornton city sign“Revitalization is an ongoing process that concentrates on specific areas within the community where the goal is to create a vibrant, lively, safe, well-kept, clean and inclusive environment that both commercial and residential neighbors take pride in being a part of. For revitalization efforts to be a success, the stakeholders of the community must be involved at every step of the way; their input, feedback and participation is central to the process and their best interest must always  be first priority.” -Thornton Revitalization Advisory Board (TRAB)

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of the STaR Plan 

An HIA of the STaR Plan has been conducted to determine the potential impacts of the Plan on healthy eating and active living. The HIA findings conclude that the STaR Plan supports positive health outcomes for south Thornton residents. View the 2012 HIA report for more information.

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