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What is the Transportation and Mobility Master Plan?

The Transportation and Mobility Master Plan (TMMP) is a planning document being developed by the City of Thornton. It will replace the current 2009 Transportation Master Plan as the City’s long-range plan for travel and mobility, guiding future development of transportation-related infrastructure. The City started work on the TMMP in 2020 but paused the process to focus on the COVID 19 pandemic situation. The City resumed work on the TMMP in January 2021 and anticipates finishing a draft of the plan in August 2021. The final plan will be presented to City Council in early 2022 for adoption. 

How can you provide input on the Plan?

NEW: Draft Transportation and Mobility Master Plan available for public review

The draft TMMP is now available for public review and comment. The public comment period will be open from October 7, 2021 through November 5, 2021. Click the buttons below to access the draft plan and a survey that enables you to provide specific comments on the document.

You can also send input and questions directly to or through voicemail by calling the project's voice mailbox at 303-538-7326 to leave a message. Public input is critical for realizing the vision and goal of this Plan.

What are the vision and goals of the Plan?

The overall vision is a transportation network and mobility plan that expands transportation options to enable a resident to access all areas of Thornton in a timely manner without using a private vehicle. Thornton desires a holistic multimodal and mobility view, approach and evaluation of current and future transportation needs.

The goal of the Plan is to provide an interconnected multimodal transportation network and mobility plan for all people to access goods, services, residences, and employment and accommodates safely moving people, goods, and services using a variety of modes that includes vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, bus, shuttle, and passenger rail based on the future land use projections and overall vision for the City.

Who develops the Transportation and Mobility Master Plan?

The Plan is developed by the City in conjunction with consultants. The development of the Plan is informed by City staff, City council, local and regional stakeholders, and members of the public.

Is there a current Transportation and Mobility Master Plan?

The City's current plan is the "Transportation Master Plan for the City of Thornton" which was adopted by City Council Resolution on September 8, 2009 with the Colorado Department of Transportation's "I-25 and Highway 7 Planning, Environmental and Linkages" studies incorporated by City Council Resolution on March 29, 2016. The Transportation Master Plan can be viewed on the links on the right side of this page.

Please note: The documents on this page are provided in .pdf format and will require the user to have a PDF Reader installed on their computer. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can Download Free Adobe Reader.

Links for 2021-2022 Transportation and Mobility Master Plan
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