Flooding in Colorado

​Risk Assessment​

You can review the results of the multi-hazard risk and vulnerability assessment for the planning area via an interactive webmap. Click on the figure below to be directed to a new window with the map:  


Notes to Users: There are a number of layers on this map that are turned off by default. To turn layers on or off, please click on the 'Content' button (upper left hand side) located at the top of the Table of Contents sidebar. This will resent you with the entire list of available data layers. You will notice that many layers are grayed out in the Table of Contents. Most of these are very large data sets that are only visible once you zoom in to a particular jurisdiction or neighborhood on the map. Once a layer can be viewed, its text will turn black in the Table of Contents.

You can also click on many of the map features for additional information. Due to the numerous overlapping layers, you can toggle through the results to find information pertaining to the layer you are interested in. To do so, use the arrows at the top of the pop-up window.

Source information pertaining to each layer can be found on the ArcGIS website. Click the layer name of interest to find out more.