Message from Mayor Kulmann - June 2, 2020

After years of serving on Thornton's City Council and now as mayor, I have seen the usual challenges of making city government serve people in their community. These are not "usual" times. Leading a local government means being prepared to deal with greater challenges – the hard problems that are often systemic in our society. The evidence of ingrained institutional discrimination has once again been thrust before us in tragic circumstances. Which is why we rightly put our focus first on the man who lost his life – George Floyd. We stand with his family and friends and call for justice. At times like this we also remember the many other African Americans and people of color that have been harmed by the abuses of power in our society. The rule of law needs to work for everyone and respect for each individual needs to be the mandate. There's no doubt that the anguish, frustration and anger we have seen in the streets of our cities is real – and warranted. To those demonstrating, we support the effort to create the needed change in our society so that horrible incidents like this do not happen. I would ask that people try very hard to find peaceful ways for people in positions of power to hear from you – to move change forward in a way that does not cause more people pain and harm.

We know that discrimination and abuse of power is real. In Thornton, we have developed strict protocols to immediately address racial discrimination, bias and any abuse of power. I am committed to prevent it and to act against it if, or when, it occurs. We will continue to make whatever changes are necessary to prevent discrimination and abuse of power in Thornton. We fully understand, at all levels of leadership in Thornton, that there is always more work to be done. Our Community Policing program was set up specifically to partner within the community instead of outside of it and has made significant strides over the past few years. Having a highly trained and ethical police force will always be the requirement for the city of Thornton. If we fall short in this regard, I want to hear from you.

It is my hope that leaders across the country are seeing the pain and listening to the needs in their communities and that justice and security will become a reality for all members of our society. We will do that in Thornton because everyone deserves to feel safe in their own community.

Jan Kulmann
Thornton Mayor

Message from Mayor Kulmann - March 25, 2020

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​Message from Mayor Kulmann - March 16, 2020

To all the people living and working in Thornton,

First, I want to tell you your city council and mayor are thinking of you and your families during this difficult time. We understand the challenges facing us, and that these issues continue to change quickly. The council and staff are committed to doing as much as we can to promote the safety and welfare for our community as well as all the people who work for the city of Thornton.  We are listening closely to the experts from health organizations in our region and nationally and implementing recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It is so important that we all work together to social distance ourselves from others.

With this in mind, Thornton took some definitive steps to help in this regard. All of Thornton's public facilities have been closed to the public and some have just minimal staffing. These closures will be reevaluated often and we will only open them when we feel it is safe for everyone. We have cancelled official city meetings, but plan to see how to best conduct council meetings in the near future. We will post information about how you can watch the official council meetings on the city's website and on our social media platforms as soon as the decision is made how to proceed with these meetings.

Even with all of these precautions and changes, Thornton is maintaining its levels of services for all of you. We're working hard to make sure our First Responders remain healthy and available to serve you. We're not concerned about late fees for water payments and no one will have their water shut off during this time for not paying. In short, we're trying to think first of our people  - our friends, family and neighbors - and making it through this to the days ahead when we can recover and embrace life as it returns to normal. We will continue to provide updates to you frequently.