City of Thornton News Release Logo For Immediate Release:   9/23/2020
Contact: Deputy Infrastructure Director
Emily Hunt, 720-977-6504

Thornton Launches Energy Action Plan
Effort Creates a More Resilient Community through Energy Advances

THORNTON, CO… Thornton has launched its first Energy Action Plan in an effort to create a more resilient community through energy advances. The plan identifies an energy vision and goals to achieve over the next 10 years and beyond. "Thornton and Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy program began a collaborative process of developing the city's first Energy Action Plan in 2019," says Thornton Deputy Infrastructure Director Emily Hunt. "The plan lays out a broad framework of strategies to increase participation in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs by 30% by 2022, with a longer-term goal to align with state climate commitments and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2030."

This effort was launched in 2019, after an energy useage study found that the city of Thornton and the community as a whole spent $89 million on energy bills in 2018. Representatives from Thornton, Adams 12 Five Star School District, United Power, and GRID Alternatives worked in collaboration to define the energy vision, goals and strategies that are customized for Thornton's community values. Through Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy program, Thornton has been able to access resources and subject matter expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy that culminated in the Energy Action Plan. By following the plan, Thornton could annually save more than two-million kWh of electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 27,000 conventional vehicles off the road by 2022. "The path forward includes energy improvements in Thornton city facilities and operations, partnerships with institutions in Thornton, and outreach to residents and businesses to encourage energy efficiency practices and the adoption of renewable energy," says Hunt.

The full Energy Action Plan is available online at For more information visit