City of Thornton News Release Logo For Immediate Release:   10/9/2020
Contact: Thornton Water Treatment and Quality Manager
Martin Kimmes, 303-255-7764

New Thornton Water Treatment Plant Begins Service

THORNTON, CO… The city of Thornton's new water treatment plant is now in full service, and began treating water in mid-September. Thornton Water Treatment Plant (TWTP) is a 20-million gallon per day, state of the art facility, and will replace the original TWTP, which sits nearby the new plant at Thornton Parkway and Washington Street. The original water treatment plan, constructed in 1955, is at the end of its useful life.

The new plant, along with Thornton's other treatment plant, the Wes Brown Water Treatment Plant, will service water from all of Thornton's water sources, and both will serve the current and growing water needs of Thornton residents. Operational efficiencies at the new treatment plant include a foundation of over 400 drilled piers that ensure the plant won't have foundational issues in the future. The site also uses gravity to save money and processing time. "The site slopes from north to south so throughout all the treatment processes as the water works through, it uses gravity, as opposed to pumps for a more efficient system," says Thornton Infrastructure Manager Brett Henry.

The plant processes water through ozone and bio-filtration systems, to meet all Safe Drinking Water Standards and remove 99% of the typical taste and odor compounds found in Thornton's South Platte water source. "Our ultimate goal is to produce tasteless water," says Henry, "It sounds funny, but the best tasting water usually is tasteless. Sometimes with some of our South Platte water supply, tasteless water isn't always possible, but with this new treatment facility it will certainly be."

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