City of Thornton News Release Logo For Immediate Release:   6/17/2019
Contact: Thornton Police Officer
Jesus Mendez, 720-977-5517

Thornton PD Begins New Home Security Camera Crime Fighting Effort
Video network will strengthen Neighborhood Watch
THORNTON, CO… The Thornton Police Department is teaming up with residents by asking them to register their home security cameras, and be part of the new Thornton Neighborhood Security Camera Network. “Home security cameras and home security systems have become crucial tools in crime fighting,” says Thornton Police Officer Jesus Mendez. “They are the extra eyes in our neighborhoods to watch and record illegal activity when the homeowner or officers aren’t around.”

It’s easy to sign up. In this voluntary program, residents will register their home security cameras with Thornton PD by providing basic information such as an address and a contact phone number. Participants would only be contacted by Thornton PD if a crime occurs in their neighborhood. “These videos can help solve crimes if they show suspicious activity, including trespassing, vandalism and theft of packages,” says Mendez. “These videos can help us find witnesses, or identify suspects.” 

Recently, a video from a doorbell cam was used by Thornton Police Officers to identify a neighborhood where a porch pirate was operating, and to identify the suspect to make an arrest. “This arrest might not have happened if the homeowner had not made their doorbell video available to officers,” says Mendez.

At no time will Thornton PD remotely access registered home cameras. Any video would be requested, and voluntarily made available by the registered homeowner. “This is a new component of our community-police partnerships,” says Mendez. “By teaming up with residents who have home security cameras, we are strengthening our reach to fight crime and serve our community."

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