City of Thornton News Release Logo For Immediate Release:   7/19/2023
Contact: Thornton Senior Management Analyst & Sustainability Coordinator
Alice Huang, 303-538-7219

Thornton Joins Metro Area Solar Co-Op
A solar co-op represents a commitment to sustainable energy solutions

THORNTON, CO… The cities of Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Edgewater, Wheat Ridge, Adams County and the City and County of Denver, in collaboration with nonprofit organization Solar United Neighbors (SUN), have teamed up to launch Solar Switch – a groundbreaking solar group buying program. 

Solar Switch offers homeowners and small businesses an accessible and streamlined pathway to explore and install rooftop solar panels and battery storage. By harnessing the collective purchasing power of participants and leveraging SUN's expertise, the program ensures high-quality systems at discounted prices. Solar Switch will rigorously vet qualified installers to compete for the group's business and will conduct a reverse auction to secure a competitively priced solar package.

Solar Switch represents a significant step forward in the region's commitment to sustainable energy solutions. By providing a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to solar adoption, this program will empower individuals, families, and businesses to reduce their environmental impact while achieving energy independence. “With the collaborative effort, as well as the invaluable support of nonprofit partner Solar United Neighbors, Solar Switch will be an instrumental driver in expanding access to clean and renewable energy sources across our communities,” says Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann. “Thornton is committed to building a brighter and more sustainable future for our residents,” says Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann. “By joining this co-op, we are creating a vibrant network of people who share a common goal of sustainability.”

Residents can register for the program through October 4, and are encouraged to sign up at by Wednesday, July 26, when the installer auction will take place to help achieve better winning rates. Registration is free and there is no obligation for homeowners to purchase solar panels. Residents will have the option to move forward with a solar installation based on program-negotiated pricing that includes the group discount. Solar Switch’s auction is expected to save residents an average of $5,000 on a standard-sized system in addition to the available solar tax credit for residential installations. 

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